5 ways to celebrate every day with sweet gift box ideas

Holidays are pretty great—special occasions, fun social media days, and the old favorites like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are all wonderful reasons to give a friend, family member, or coworker a memorable gift. But, we also think it can be really special to express your feelings on all the other days, too. The beautiful thing is that there are 365 days in the year, and every single one is ideal for giving a gift of something sweet. Read on to discover some of our favorite reasons and ways to give a great gift box any day of the year—no calendar reminders needed, everyday gifting 😉

Spread the Love

Feeling the love? A box of treats is a beautiful way to express your loving feelings, especially when your colorful macarons are printed with a sweet “I Love You” message. They’re even better shared side-by-side.

Celebrate Successes, Big and Small!

Achievements don’t have to be monumental or massive to be worthy of a thoughtful present that says “You did it!” From passing a driver’s test to scoring an interview for a new job, it’s a lovely gesture to send along a gift with a congratulatory message to mark a loved one’s victory.

Congratulate a loved one with Woops! macaron box cheers to you.
A Gift of Appreciation

Whether someone helped you to wrap up a major project or filled in for you when you were in a jam, showing your thanks goes a long way. In the age of email and social media, it’s easy to think that an old-fashioned thank you note is a thing of the past. But, going the extra mile to show your gratitude with a gift box of printed macarons and a thoughtful message will never go unnoticed.

Thank someone for being in your life with our Thankful for You macaron box.
The Thought That Counts

Maybe you can’t deliver your gift in person, but you still want your friend or family member to know how much they mean to you. Or maybe they’re having a tough time, and you want to show your support and send a little pick-me-up. A cheerful, colorful box of Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Honey Lavender, and Nutella macarons that tells them you’re thinking of them can be sent anytime to anywhere, and will spread those loving feelings far and wide.

Woops! printed macarons with a Just Because sleeve
Simply Put: They’re Awesome

We all want our favorite people to know how truly awesome, cool, and great we think they are, just because. Instead of just thinking it, you can give them a gift box of cheery Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, Lemon Tart, Mint Chocolate, and Raspberry macarons that says it straight up!

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