5 Premium & Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Time to secure your place as his favorite.

If you want to pat yourself on the back for finding the perfect gift for your dad on this Father’s Day, then you’re in the right place. We love, love, love to help our Woopsters when they need some inspo to pamper and spoil the people they love… and of course, Dad’s Day ain’t the exception.

Fathers always deserve some sweet credit for how amazing they’ve been, after all not everyone teaches you how to ride a bike, picks you up after a night out, and doesn’t kick you off the family cell phone plan (thank you for that!!!). This year let’s not forget the other dads in your life as well— the granddads, brothers, hubbies, and friends.

For this reason, we rounded up some of the BEST Father’s Day gifts that will make any dad out there smile in delight… and maybe even secure your place as his favorite kid.

Whether he’s a sports lover, the outdoorsy type, or someone who’s completely in love with premium & delicious sweets and food (macaron delivery to his home? YES!), we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for him here.

Now onto the good stuff, let’s begin!

An pizza oven has a hot pizza going out of it.

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Because Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

If there’s one thing your dad hasn’t realized he needs in his backyard, it’s this incredible pizza oven.

Besides being mobile—meaning he can move it wherever he wants to… literally—this top-notch oven will have all his pizzas done in just 1 minute!

Get prepared for a summer full of delicious pizza nights made by dad. 😉


Very Into Coffee?

If you want to give him a taste of some of the most delicious coffees from around the world, then a delicious coffee subscription is what you’re looking for! And no, some Starbucks coffee bean bags won’t cut it.

With some of these marvelous subscriptions, your java lovers will be able to customize their coffee selections, change delivery dates and addresses, get super special discounts, and so much more! Pair this yummy gift with some delectable & flavorful French macarons and you’ll be the star of the day.

P.S. Check out our Perfect Drinks to Pair with Macarons blog and find out which macaron flavors will work perfectly with his favorite coffee.

A box full of 9 assorted French macarons has a white plate with some French macarons below and a French macaron box with a Father’s Day sleeve plus a plant to its right.

You saw it coming…

French macaron boxes. 😍 We’ve got a super-special Father’s Day Collection with boxes full of premium, mind-blowing, and mouthwatering macarons.

If you’re looking for a top-end macaron delivery service, you got it here! You can get the best French macarons in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and so on for him, with same-day delivery or pickup. See where your nearest Woops! location.

A wooden-looking book cover has some brown and black letters.

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Make the most out of his Dad Jokes

With the Ultimate Dad Joke Book by Hugh Murmie. He might end up laughing out loud alone… but who doesn’t love to see them smile at any opportunity and at any little thing? We sure do. Squeeze in some funny Father’s Day t-shirts and you’ll be all set.

 A kid and a man are working out at a gym room.

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For the Fit Ones!

The best fitness gifts are here! If your dad’s a fitness lover, or simply looking to step up his fit game, this Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil him with gifts that will motivate his healthy lifestyle while still bringing a smile to his face.

This year give him something he’ll be excited to put into use: whether on his workout routines, while he’s recovering, or simply on his meal prepping.

A stack of 3 French macaron and alfajores boxes is surrounded by assorted macarons and alfajores.

Last but not least…

Make your Father’s Day reunion so much sweeter with gorgeous centerpieces and French macaron stacks!

Our macaron pyramids and stacked boxes (that you can also fill with Argentinian alfajores) are the ultimate sweet touch that will make this day so much more joyful and all-around better.

 A smiling man is holding a French macaron in one hand and a French macaron box in the other.

And by the way, if you’re looking for some AWESOME Father’s Day gifts to give at your company or to your workmates, check out our Best Father’s Day Corporate Gifts blog to get the sweetest inspiration and celebrate the working dads of your team.

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