Case Study bingo blitz

VIP Client Gifting

Overview: Bingo Blitz of Playtika came to us looking for a premium monthly service to treat their VIP customers on their birthdays. We created a unique birthday box of 18 macarons branded with their logo & style. This program has made their customers feel valued & stay loyal to their brand.

Contents and Customization: Box of 18 macarons branded with a Bingo Blitz sleeve.

E-gifts: We developed a unique e-gift program for those customers that are hesitant to provide their home addresses. Those clients get a gift notification in their emails that allows them to put in their information themselves while protecting their privacy. This email—and the customer’s entire web journey—are designed according to Bingo Blitz’s brand standards.

Shipping: We ship approximately 500 macaron and gift boxes a month across the U.S. & Canada, as well as other worldwide destinations, straight to the VIP clients’ doorsteps.


Woops! gift boxes with branded custom sleeves


“At Playtika our players are the #1 priority and what’s most important to our organization. VIP and corporate gifting has always been a cornerstone of how we show appreciation to our customers. Over the past year, Woops! Macarons & Gifting has helped us take this experience to a whole new level. Their unique, beautiful, and highly customized gifts always amaze our players & upgrade the experience of being a part of our family. We would definitely recommend Woops! to any company in a similar position.”

Ziv Levavi, Director of VIP & CS | Bingo Blitz at Playtika


What Bingo Blitz VIPS had to say…

• “I loved everything about this gift.”

• “It was wonderful and very appreciated.”

• “Such a lovely thing to get.”

• “The gift was amazing.”

• “Great gift, I appreciate it a lot.”

• “Loved, loved, loved it.”


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