Flavor Guide

Browse our macaron flavors and get a few tips on what they work best for!

Blueberry Cheesecake

A white and purple swirl wraps a blueberry cream cheese ganache. This macaron will send you back to your childhood memories and have you dreaming about a family gathering on a crisp summer day! Its colors and flavor evoke feelings of warmth, closeness, and togetherness, making it perfect for intimate family events or as a congratulations present for a new home or adventure.

Caramel Fleur de Sel

Filled with made-in-house caramel and a pinch of Fleur de Sel to balance the sweetness. The light brown color of this macaron works to bring a subtle and elegant touch to any event, whether a wedding, birthday party, or work function.

Cookies & Cream

An American classic with a French twist.  With cookie crumbs sprinkled on top of a vanilla shell, this macaron flavor will have you reminiscing about your childhood. It’s also a fun pick for a reunion with friends you haven’t seen in a while or for a kid’s birthday party! *Top 3 bestseller

Dark Chocolate

A rich, sophisticated flavor made with 64% bittersweet dark chocolate. The creamy fudge-like center of this macaron is reminiscent of a decadent truffle. If you know someone who could use a reminder that you’re in their corner, you can’t go wrong with something deep and comforting (hint: dark chocolate!)

Espresso Macchiato

Real espresso-infused ganache topped with premium coffee beans for the perfect pick-me-up! If you love having coffee with your best friend, but you can’t make it today, send them a few espresso macarons and they’ll feel the love no matter the distance.

Honey Lavender

Combines the flavors of sweet honey and aromatic lavender. Take a moment to appreciate and indulge in this gorgeous macaron. Purple, a color that reflects ambition, is perfect for a client meeting or an appreciation gift—it’s also the color of royalty. The gold brush on each of these macarons gives a luxurious added touch.

Lemon Tart

The perfect amount of tangy tart flavor to satisfy your lemon craving. Spread some happiness by sharing these delicious, zesty macarons with a friend or a coworker. Bright yellow, they’re also perfect for any spring or summer party or for sending your bestie a boost!


Our decadent Nutella macaron is a true fan favorite. The rich filling is made with the renowned Nutella spread and dark chocolate ganache. This dark brown macaron is dusted with cocoa powder and radiates the warmth of hot cocoa on a snowy day. A comforting upgrade for a cozy night in—or any kind of night in! *Top 3 bestseller 

Lemon Meringue

Two beautiful, bright-yellow shells enclose a delicious, light, and smooth buttercream packed with hints of citrus. This macaron is a perfect as a boost-of-happiness gift or as an eye-catching sweet for your garden party.


Nutty and sweet, this eye-catching macaron is the real deal! It’s filled with the highest-quality pistachio paste and white chocolate ganache. Olive green is the color of wisdom and compassion, making these treats a lovely pick-me-up for a loved one in need of cheering during a difficult time.


Delicate outer shells enclose the perfect balance between sweet, tart, and creamy. This macaron’s spectacular blend between white chocolate and fresh raspberries makes it an irresistible classic anyone will be delighted with. Deep red screams passionate love and also works perfectly as an exclamation of friendship.

Red Velvet

The classic red velvet flavor that we all know and love, in the form of a sweet macaron!  The beautiful bright red shell is dusted with chocolate powder and the cream cheese-flavored ganache is simply irresistible. This bold, crowd-pleasing favorite is sure to bring joy to all and is also perfect for anyone who might need a little extra support in their life. *Top 3 bestseller

Pink Champagne

Add a spontaneous touch to your celebrations with pink champagne…  in macaron shape! This pink sweet is topped with crystal sugar and filled with a delicious and smooth ganache that has a subtle champagne flavor, ideal for any party or a just-because get-together.


Subtle floral essence, perfect for a little afternoon treat. Our rose macarons are soft pink, a sophisticated color that also transmits love, warmth, and tenderness. They’re perfect for a wedding pyramid, party favors, or an engagement or baby shower with friends! Make your adoration known.


A guaranteed crowd-pleaser with kids and adults alike, filled with delicious strawberry preserves.  Hot pink communicates beauty, romance, and sweetness. These macarons are perfect for showing romantic love and affection or as a special gift for a friend you haven’t seen in a while. *Dairy-free


A deceptively simple classic made with real vanilla beans and white chocolate ganache.  White is a shade of simplicity and light that’s also perfect for elegant event decor at a wedding or a shower. It’s also the color of new beginnings—housewarming parties and grand openings filled with macarons, here we come.


Close your eyes and have a delicious taste of the perfect blend between Italian Tiramisù and French macaron. Creamy mascarpone cheese ganache with hints of real espresso & amaretto reside between two delicious shells dusted with cocoa. Tiramisù in English: the perfect pick-me-up!

Birthday Cake

Celebrate every day like it's your birthday with this colorful macaron! A sweet sprinkled favorite for kids and adults alike.

Piña Colada

Feel at the beach with a tropically perfect mix: strong natural pineapple, real coconut, and just a hint of rum extract. This macaron is any summer lover's dream and the ideal sweet for a sunny celebration... or for any celebration!

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