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The Wonderful World of Waffles

Give me the option to choose between a stack of pancakes and a stack of waffles and I’ll choose waffles any day. From a simple Eggo waffle in the morning to fancier concoctions I find throughout the city, there’s just something really fun about eating a waffle. I bought into the hype of Wafels &…

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Croissants, Croissants, Croissants…

Croissants, croissants, croissants… where do I even begin. For me, croissants have always been that comfort food that reminds me of comfy, relaxing mornings at home. And there’s nothing quite like starting the morning with a perfectly made croissant – golden and flaky on the outside with a warm, pillowy center. And the best part is…

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Cheers to Chai

Fall is here! AKA the best reason to indulge in the glory that is a chai tea latte. Now, if you’re sitting here reading this and have no idea what a chai tea latte is then you can just go ahead and leave because WHAT. Okay, actually, you can stay (but seriously though…WHAT?!). I’ll humor the notion…

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Cookies Fit For A Cookie Monster

I grew up dreading the Cookie Monster. I loved cookies but this ugly blue thing would devour so many cookies without eating them! It was annoying. And I feared him. Today, I think I have become a cookie monster – an aficionado that can’t stop eat them. I am overweight because of cookies. It’s my…

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Macarons: What’s So Special?

Oh macarons! My love in Paris, so colorful and tasty. The macaron is all about perfection. It’s a perfect balance in flavor and beauty. They say macarons is for lovers! {Woops!} Macarons were founded as almond meringue biscuits 300-400 years ago in France and Italy (macaron comes from macaroni, meaning fine flour). Laduree in Paris…

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