This July 7 Step up Your World Chocolate Day!

Deliciously enjoy this yummy chocolaty day.

In Case You’re Not Familiar With This Very Delicious Day…

World Chocolate Day is a relatively new holiday since it only started in 2009 as a way to celebrate a very historical & special moment: the day that the European continent was introduced to chocolate back on July 7 of 1550!

Cacao and their derived products were taken back to the Old Continent by Christopher Columbus & Hernán Cortés’s colonial trips and from then on the love for these delicious beans hasn’t subsided.

Cacao—and hence chocolate—was quickly adopted as an aristocratic elixir in European societies and it became even more popular thanks to its awesome health benefits as well.

All we gotta say is that we’re immensely grateful for having this spectacular product as one of our macaron flavors’ and pastries’ main components… we simply love it!

4 Dark Chocolate French macarons are surrounded by broken bars of chocolate

How Can You Sweeten up This Holiday?

Well, by eating huge amounts of chocolate in all their shapes & forms, of course! But this year don’t just go for the usual sweets that you can get at your nearest convenience store, choose something that will really dazzle & stun your taste buds (like our chocolate macarons!).

On this blog, we’ll present you with some of the best chocolaty products that will surely make your celebration soooo much more mouthwatering and memorable. Read on and get delighted.

A silver jar has a Spicy Maya drinking chocolate label.

© Chuao Chocolatier

 Let’s Go Back to the Roots!

Since cacao beans are originally from Central America, why not pay homage to their origins? If you’ve never ever heard from the Spicy Maya Drinking Chocolate, we’re glad to introduce you to it.

This creamy, delicious, and slightly spicy drink is inspired by the Mayan xocolatl: a delicious blend that combines rich cacao beans (preferably from Central America) with traditional Mayan spices plus a little bit of chili. Yes… we know spice & chocolate sounds a little bit weird, but trust us on this one!

If you want to try it out check out this spectacular drink, get your hands on a Chuao Chocolatier Mayan Chocolate blend, it’ll have you drinking cup after cup.

A Milk Bar carton box is full of chocolate cake truffles

© Milk Bar Store

Chocolate Cake Truffles AKA Cake Pops?

Yes. Who doesn’t LOVE some delicious balls of chocolate cake mixed with frosting and dipped in delicious chocolate? We very much do! 

What’s best about them is that they’re so easy to make which means that getting some kiddo hands in there will always make for a fun day. Get creative: add some sprinkles and some food coloring, play with their covers, and have a delicious day full of mouthwatering truffles.

If you’d rather not go through the trouble of making them, we really love Milk Bar and New York Cake Pop’s cake truffles.

A pair of hands are splitting in half a Dark Chocolate macaron that’s on top of a wooden board

The Best French Macarons Made With the Finest Chocolate

Are here at Woops! All our spectacular macaron ganaches are made with the highest quality French chocolate AKA Valrhona chocolate.

We always put tons of dedication into finding the best ingredients and recipes for all our spectacular French macaron flavors, and that includes our chocolate macarons of course.

Two of our absolute bestsellers are our Dark Chocolate and Nutella sweets… and yes, they’re loved by everyone! In case you were wondering, we do use authentic Italian Nutella for those flavorful bundles of chocolaty goodness.

We also have a special box for every person who’s looking to celebrate this day how it should ALWAYS be celebrated: our Chocolate Lovers macaron box! Order your goodies NOW at your nearest store or get them from our online store as well.

A Woops! box is full of assorted cremebellos.

Meet Our Exclusive Cremebellos!

Our unique take on a delectable cake truffle is called Cremebello (nice to meet chu). Even though they might not be made of mostly chocolate, they’re still an awesome alternative for this day.

Our cremebellos are a unique, beautiful, bell-shaped chocolate-covered meringue cream that’s resting on top of a waffle biscuit. You won’t find them anywhere else, so get your hands on these delicious goodies now.

They also come in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Zebra (covered in white and milk chocolate), White Strawberry, and Caramel.

A blue bowl is full of spicy nuts with dark chocolate chips

© Taste of Home

Chocolate Doesn’t Have to Always Be a Dessert…

You can also make it a part of many savory dishes. Make this World Chocolate Day one for the books by getting not only chocolaty desserts but also chocolaty main courses!

If you want to include chocolate in your lunch or dinner recipes, check out this awesome 25 Chocolate Recipes—That Aren’t Desserts! blog by Taste of Home and get ready to have a spectacular day full of what we’ve all been obsessed with for a while now (we’re talking about chocolate, of course).

A hand is holding a box full of French macarons with assorted flavors in front of a building.

Make this day so much more delightful by ordering your favorite chocolate macarons & products or by making them at home with your loved ones. If you want some of our incredible macaron flavors, cremebellos, alfajores (they also have chocolate!), and so on, remember that you can get them at your nearest store or at our online store.

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