Woops! macarons are crafted with exceptional care and the best-quality ingredients, and will add an element of unique elegance to any occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, business meeting, or birthday, we’ll work with you to personalize and enhance your event.

Bring an unforgettable moment of sweetness and uniqueness to your event with Woops! personalized gifts such as macaron pyramids, favors, pastry boxes, and more.

“The macarons were absolutely incredible. Not only were they exceptionally delicious they were gorgeous. I am so thankful we were able to partner together for this event.
Thank you SO much for all your help!”

Brooklyn, NY

Woops! can help make your next occasion one to remember with our customizable catering services.

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A truly eye-catching display that will take center stage at any event. Available in small (40), medium (75), and large (200) sizes, the Woops! macaron pyramid offers a stunning assortment of flavors and colors. It’s a perfect statement piece for any party or dessert table.

Also a sumptuous, less-expensive alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Perfect for intimate gatherings such as baby showers, holiday office parties, or major family holidays like Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve. You can personalize them to suit any color or flavor for your party’s theme.


Woops! macaron favor boxes will delight your guests as a sweet personal gift. They’re perfect for table settings, gift bags, and dessert displays. With more than 15 different flavors available, they can be thoughtfully selected to suit your guests individually, or can be themed to match your event’s vibe.


Want to send something sweet to someone that you care about? Woops! offers beautifully designed macaron gift boxes from small (9), medium (18), to large (27 & 36). You can choose from over 15 different flavors of macarons to create a playful, delicious and affordable gift that will delight your loved ones. We ship nationwide to single or multi-recipients.


Let’s get personal(ized)! Whether for business-related events or for personal gatherings, Woops! can help you bring your gifting wishes come to life. Customized box sleeves and greeting cards will help you build brand recognition & strengthen your recipient’s relationship with you & your company. You can design them yourself or we can do it for you! We’ll always work closely with you until you get exactly what you envisioned and you can have as many design revisions as needed until everything’s perfect.

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