Woops! x Circles collaboration!

A sweet collab to raise mental health awareness.

The holidays are here and with it moments full of joy, loved ones, gift boxes, and of course, delicious goodies (did someone say French macarons? ;)) Still, we’re very aware that, as lovely as the holidays can be, they can also be extra tough for those people who are going through a tough time… yes, life isn’t always sweet and we get it.

Two smiling women are sitting and looking at each other while holding French macarons in their hands.

We recently concluded our Thankful Giveaway

Which was mainly inspired by the help and love of those who supported us in the last 2 tough years, those great people who still made space for macarons in their big and small moments despite the circumstances.

Thanks to our giveaway we also got to know so many stories from people all around the country who shared with us whom they’d enjoy their French macarons with and why. All of the answers were so lovely & we were delighted by them!

Two smiling women are smiling at each other while holding French macarons in their hands.

But all of these beautiful responses also made us think of how difficult this time of the year can be for so many people: those who’ve recently lost a loved one, those who feel lonely, those who’re going through heartache or in a toxic relationship, and more. We wanted to let all of you know that there are people who care about you and who are willing to help as much as they can to make you feel better.

A man with a blue shirt is looking at the camera while holding a box of 12 French macarons with assorted flavors in his hand.

Raising mental health awareness

Going through a tough time mentally can make you feel completely alone, but you don’t have to be. A delicious box of French macarons might help you feel better, but sharing with others who understand how you feel can actually help you heal.

For this reason, we decided we wanted to raise awareness about mental health by partnering up with Circles, an emotional support platform that ensures no one has to overcome life’s challenges alone.

In Circles, you’ll be matched with a small group of people who are facing similar challenges. All together you’ll find mutual understanding in exclusive online support sessions guided by mental health professionals. Within your Circle you’ll find mutual support, guidance, you’ll build resilience and get better—together.

A smiling woman with brown hair is holding a purple box of Woops! French macarons in one hand and in the other a Strawberry French macaron.


Our Woops! X Circles Collaboration

How are we going to help you out? By giving you 2 months of FREE access to Circles for being a part of our amazing community, and as a holiday gift with lots of love from us to you!

An opened box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors has a French macaron box with a holiday sleeve to its right. Surrounding them are several holiday ornaments and pine tree branches.
Who said it’s not cool turning a year older?

And to sweeten these new beginnings a little bit more, we’ll also send a French macaron gift box to the first 50 subscribers. 🙂 You can sign up here to get your access to Circles & just remember that we can do this together, Woopster. Cheers to an amazing 2022 full of sweet moments and always remember that you’re not alone.

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