4 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day

Take this day to stand out from the crowd!

Recognizing your administrative’s hard work “just because” is always amazing, but doing so on their own day is so much better.

These people are the basis of every strong organization and many industry leaders would be lost without them. From organizing to planning, solving, coordinating, simplifying, and a billion other things, thank your administrative professionals for being as amazing and as crucial as they are.

This year stand out from the rest and acknowledge the effort of your company’s key people with our amazing employee gift ideas! Don’t stress and don’t worry, we’ll save you a lot of thinking time. 😉

A box full of assorted French macarons has a French macaron box with a “Thank You” sleeve to its right. Below both boxes is a plate full of assorted French macarons and some flowers.

1. A Premium Corporate Gift Never Goes Wrong

If you have a hardworking and awesome team of admins, then a gift that can express your & your company’s appreciation is more than perfect. Choosing the right gift isn’t always easy, but that’s what we’re here for.

Our thoughtful, premium, and beautiful boxes of macarons are the sweetest way to say “thank you for your hard work!”. Some cookies and chocolates will be well-received, but authentic French macarons full of delicious flavors and colors aren’t something you can simply get at your nearest convenience store. Remember that this is a great opportunity to stay top of mind and shine!

Wondering if corporate gifts will truly make you stand out from the crowd? Check out our 5 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting is Important blog and let all your doubts fly out your window. 

A box full of assorted French macarons has a “Thank You” greeting and some flowers to its left.

2. A Thoughtful Greeting Card

We strongly believe that a personalized and thoughtful greeting card is as important as the gift itself. Few things are better than knowing how important and valued you are at your workplace, so tell your admins how amazing they are through some kind, written words!

If you want to complement your corporate gifts (or macaron boxes 🤓) with beautiful greeting cards, rest easy because we can design them for you according to your want and needs. If you don’t want to go through the design process, choose the ones you like best from our beautiful card collection.

We also know that spending a huge amount of money on your admin partners may not always be possible, but don’t worry ‘cause it isn’t always necessary. A nice card with a lovely message and signed by the entire office will go a long way as well.

A French macaron pyramid with assorted flavors is surrounded by flowers and a white chocolate cremebello.
3. A Nice Get-Together

Besides giving something tangible, it’s also really nice to organize a cute gathering. Some mouthwatering sweets and snacks will deliciously complement this express-your-gratitude time to your administrative professionals.

You can block off a lunch hour so the entire office can participate and pamper them with scrumptious somethings that everyone will love! We might be a little biased, but if you want to truly spoil and make them feel special, our boxes of macarons, macaron pyramids, favor boxes, and stacks can help you get the job done.

A smiling woman is holding a French macaron pyramid. In front of her are several French macaron pyramids with assorted flavors and sizes.
4. You Don’t Have to Guess… You Can Also Ask!

What’s the best way to know how your admins would like to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day? By asking them! They’ll surely help come up with great ideas for what you can do to commemorate this special day.

You can also print a list or use Google Forms and put in some of your ideas and ask them to choose their favorite one. If you want them to spend their day however they want to, then this is an awesome alternative.

Several Woops! French macaron boxes of different sizes are placed one beside the other.

If you ask us, we’ll always tell you that the BEST employee gift idea is a stunning box of French macarons (take a look at our gifting catalog!), but in reality, the possibilities are endless. Choose whichever idea best fits your budget, wishes, and your company of course.

And remember that if you want to dazzle on this Administrative Professionals’ Day with some boxes of macarons, just get in touch with us!

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