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We know saying “we’re your best corporate gifting solution” are big words: there are thousands of amazing gifting companies out there… but none like us. Who doesn’t like some good ol’ chocolates, flowers, mugs, bundt cakes, or cupcakes? Yeah, we all do. But will you stay top of mind? Not really.

Several multicolored French macaron boxes are placed in a pile. In the middle is a small French macaron pyramid with assorted flavors.
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Make your clients and employees go ‘WOW!’ with something extra premium, beautiful, and thoughtful that successfully conveys your gratitude, esteem, and appreciation for having them as a part of your company. How can you do this? By gifting our gorgeous and memorable macaron boxes that you can make your own.

The best part of the story is that you can leave all the hard work in our hands AKA we can take the whole load of corporate gifting off of you. Just give us your recipients’ addresses—or the place where you want your gifts to be delivered to—and we’ll do the rest for you.

5 French macaron pyramids with assorted flavors and different sizes are on top of a wooden table.

Why go above and beyond?

Corporate gifts have the potential to deepen your brand by offering a physical touchpoint that can make people happy.

If you’re looking to convert leads and attract new customers, strengthen your relationships with loyal clients, or work on your employee retention strategies, be sure that with thoughtful, gorgeous, and memorable gifts (such as our macaron boxes and pyramids) your team & clients will feel valued and be proud and excited to grow with your company.

And remember: you never want an “eh” but a “wow!”.

Several Red Velvet French macarons are on top of a metal tray and being filled with ganache by a woman.

Why gift Woops!… always 😉

Let us get deeper into some of the reasons why gift Woops! … always 😉

  • 1,000+ satisfied customers.
  • 50+ million French macarons sold.
  • 8+ years of experience in designing corporate gifts.
  • We create spectacular customized gifts in a matter of days.
  • We’re obsessed with gorgeous packaging.

And more!

An opened French macaron box with assorted flavors has a custom greeting card and sleeve to its left.
Customization everything.

A personalized gift speaks volumes about the gift-giver and will always create a lasting impact on the recipient’s mind, while impersonal gifts usually end up in the trash can.

Make your macaron boxes your own by creating gorgeous customized sleeves that match your company’s brand and character and make them scream “I thought this through for you”! Add to them a beautiful personalized card… that we can also design for you.

A plate full of assorted French macarons sits on top of a marble table and has some flowers and wine to its sides.


French macarons.

The question isn’t “what is it about French macarons that makes everyone so crazy?” but rather “what is it about Woops! French macarons that makes everyone so crazy and in love?”

Some things you might want to know about our deliciously premium products is that all our macarons are made with the highest quality ingredients only: from pure Pistachio paste, to French Valrhona chocolate, and creamily delicious Italian Nutella, everything we use for our goodies has been carefully selected so that their spectacular taste always remains.

Besides, our more than 15 macaron flavors are made the traditional French way and they’re larger-than-the-average size (the more, the merrier, right?).

A purple French macaron box is on top of a wooden table and is being taken out of its package by a woman.


We have an amazing shipping service that makes it possible to deliver your macaron boxes anywhere within the US in no more than two days. Just give us the addresses where you want them delivered and let us take care of everything for you.

A French macaron box has a tray of French macarons with assorted flavors below and a customized sleeve and greeting card to its right.
Extra reasons.

We’ve victoriously worked with big companies in making their customers and employees get stunned with what they’re receiving in their hands. GoParrot and Bingo Blitz of Playtika are some of our success stories that have made us extremely proud and sure of why we’re any companies’ best choice when looking to impress.

Want to get some more insight about these two awesome macaron gifts cases? Read our Bingo Blitz blog and our GoParrot case study right now.

Several custom French macaron boxes with different sizes are piled on top of a white table.

Wait no more and work on impressing your amazing customers and employees with nothing but the best. Get in touch with us and let’s work together on making your company stay top of mind always.

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