Successful corporate gifting: Bingo Blitz of Playtika!

Read more about the successful Woops! corporate gifting plan.

We all know how important corporate gifting is for client and employee retention, how customized gifts scream “I thought this through!”, and why gifting your coworkers and customers something unique and fun is always appreciated.

Bingo Blitz of Playtika acknowledges this importance and has put a lot of work and dedication into improving their corporate gifting game. This video gaming company first came to us looking for a unique & premium monthly service to treat their VIP customers on their birthday.

Why? Because they wanted their players to feel extremely valued and a part of their family, and they found in us (and in our French macaron boxes) the way to deliver that message. We were able to provide this company with a full-on service that allows them to impress & delight their customers while sitting back and relaxing. How? By doing everything for them: designing, logistics, shipping, packaging, and more.

Read on to find out more about how we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Playtika to make their customers feel mega special and thought about on their birthdays through beautiful premium boxes full of the finest goodies… which btw, everyone has loved so far 😉

A light yellow background and a marble top feature a Woops! Box with a customized Playtika Birthday sleeve and a golden ribbon is surrounded by plates filled with assorted French macarons and two glasses of pink champagne.

What they think of our services

Ziv Levavi, their Director of VIP & CS, is a promoter of corporate gifting and recognizes the importance of having a great employee and client retention strategy, which can be improved through unique & thoughtful presents.

“At Playtika our players are the #1 priority and of utmost importance to our organization.  VIP and corporate gifting has always been a cornerstone of how we show appreciation to our customers. Over the past year working with WOOPS! Macarons & Gifting has helped us take this experience to the next level. Their unique and highly customized gifts always amaze our players and elevate the experience of being part of the Playtika family. We are strong proponents of gifting and would recommend WOOPS! to any company in a similar position”, he expresses.

Over the past year, we’ve helped Playtika take its corporate gifting plan to the next level through highly customized French macaron boxes full of flavor and beauty.

A light blue background features a pink Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors. To its right is a customized Platika Birthday sleeve with a golden ribbon.
So what exactly have we done?

We put together a Bingo Blitz Birthday Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors that are specially branded with their logo & personal style. Our customer stratification survey shows what a success this program has been and how much it has helped in making their customers feel valued & stay loyal to their brand.

Other companies, such as NBCUniversal, GoParrot, and Glamour, have witnessed how our top-notch & thoroughly thought corporate gifts have made their customers feel extra special and happy, ultimately creating a loyalty bond between them the client and the company.

A catalog photo shows assorted French macarons at the top with a photo of a Playtika Woops! Box of 18 French macarons below and a white text box to its right


We developed a unique E-gift program for the Playtika corporate gifting plan. This program was specially designed for those customers who didn’t want to provide their home addresses for shipping. Therefore, and thanks to this E-gift platform, those VIP clients will get a gift notification in their emails which allows them to put in their information themselves to receive their gifts wherever they want to.

Both this email and the customer’s web journey were designed according to Bingo Blitz’s brand standards and the client’s privacy is guaranteed throughout the process.

A box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors is on top of an aluminum table surrounded by customized Playtika Birthday boxes with golden ribbons.
What about the shipping?

We take care of everything for you – all we’ll need is your customers’ VIP addresses, the rest is on us from start to finish.

We ship between 300-400 Playtika French macaron boxes a month across the U.S. & Canada straight to the VIP clients’ doorsteps. Plus, our packaging is designed to protect the top-notch quality of our macarons, you can see more information about our shipping processes here.

Here’s what some of their players have to say
  • “Thank you for the lovely birthday gift. I was totally surprised when they arrived on Saturday. My husband and I just broke into them and they are delicious.”
  • “What a wonderful surprise delivered to my house today!!! A delicious box of goodies from Woops! A beautiful gift from Bingo Blitz!?!? Thank you so much! Made this dreary rainy day shine!”
  • “Thank you so much for the yummy macarons! Oh my, they are so delicious and what a wonderful surprise! Thank you, thank you!”
  • “I would like to thank you very much for the birthday gift. So thoughtful! You guys are so special to me, I love you all.”

And there are more!

Numerous Woops! boxes of 18 French macarons with customized Playtika Birthday sleeves with golden ribbons are neatly stacked on a green metal shelf.

So… still wondering if corporate gifting is something you should invest in?

The answer is YES! Several studies have shown how important it is to express appreciation and to remind both your clients & employees you’re always there, you can read some more about it here.

If you’re looking to impress your customers & coworkers, then think no more and get in touch with us! Our gifting experts will always be here to lend a helping hand and aid you in your search for the best corporate gifts.

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