Why Employee Gifting Should be Fun!

Make your employees feel cherished with unique, beautiful, and fun corporate gifts.

It’s common to hear about companies who are spending millions of dollars on employee recognition, appreciation gifts, rewards, coworking activities, and so much more… yet it’s also common to hear that these same employees aren’t feeling valued.

According to the multinational company Snappy, “85 percent of today’s employees report being ‘overworked and underappreciated’”. To what do we owe this? Mainly, to lack of recognition. This phenomenon ultimately damages not only the employee but the company as well. Several studies have been conducted regarding this subject, you can read some more about it here.

4 guys and a lady are laughing and looking at each other while seating outside of a white-walled Woops! French macarons bakeshop.

It has also been established that employee retention depends a lot on the level of appreciation the company shows for its work team.
According to a research conducted by Maritz, Inc. “employees that feel valued where they work are seven times more likely to stay with their company for the rest of their careers”.

Need some more inspo on why you should show some appreciation towards your team? Well, let us help you out… and what’s better, let us help you make this sweet acknowledgment fun! [Insert some customized macarons here ;)].

A blonde lady with glasses and a Nasa t-shirt is smiling while sipping from a Woops! French macarons plastic cup.
It’s refreshing!

We’re aware of the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. Sometimes it might be hard to get out of the usual routine, but it’s sooo refreshing when a company makes the effort and takes the time to put some fun back into the industry.

Our spectacular corporate gifts can help you add some extra fun colors and deliciousness to your employees’ lives! Some macaron boxes scream “I thought this through”, “letting you know you’re cherished is important to me”, and “you’re so valued!”.

So let us help you add the “wow” factor to any holiday, or to any day, by providing you with some fun and distinctive macaron boxes… that can even be customized. Seriously, who doesn’t love some delicious customized macarons? We’re sure all your employees do!

A red-haired lady wearing a blue blouse and pink pants is smiling at the camera while holding a pink Woops! French macarons box with a golden ribbon.

These gifts boost their morale

No matter when or where, gifting your employees something special and thoughtful is a way to boost their morale. Besides being something delicious and beautiful, our macaron boxes are the perfect way to show gratitude and make your employees feel truly valued.

Giving out some stunningly delicious gifts is also a fun way to lighten the workload: include some silly messages, funny cards, or something that you know will make your great team laugh.

We can also help you save tons of time by providing you with unique gifts that are ways away from the usual gift cards. Our experts can help you come up with customized gifts and custom macarons that will impress your whole team… say goodbye to unwanted gifts and get them something they will 100% love.

Several customized French macarons with different messages and flavors are lying around to the top-right side of the photo. To the left are some Woops! French macarons customized favor boxes with a personalized message and blue ribbons.

They’re innovative

The usual pen, mug, or notebook are doomed to be stored in a drawer. If you’re looking for something that will create a positive reaction among everyone, we can help you out.

At Woops! you’ll be able to find a wide range of fun and unforgettable gifts that you can even make your own. We’ve got favor boxes, boxes of 9, 18, 27, or 36 French macarons, and the list goes on! Our flavors, we must say, are otherworldly and will be loved by all.

What’s best? As we mentioned before, we’re proud to be able to offer you a wide variety of corporate gifting options that can be customized. Custom macarons? Custom boxes? You’ve got them all here. And don’t worry about logistics ‘cause you can also have the help of a gifting expert throughout the whole gifting process: choosing what you’d like to gift, customizing, multiple-address shipping, and more.

A light green background features several “Happy Birthday” customized corporate gift boxes of 18 French macarons with golden ribbons and assorted flavors on their insides.

If you don’t want employees who are day after day dragging their feet to work, you’ve got to spend some effort on making them feel cherished, special, and valued. Who doesn’t love to know and be shown that their work isn’t going unnoticed?

So say ‘thank you for your hard work!’ the sweetest way: through French macaron boxes! Get in touch with us now, we’ll always be delighted to assist you.

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