Nothing says ‘thoughtful’ like personalization

Make your corporate gifts your own and see amazing employee retention results!

Get your corporate gifts customized and you’ll be instantly telling all your employees “I really thought this through”, “you’re important”, “recognizing your effort adds to this company’s success”, and so much more.

Robert Half International, a global human resources consulting firm, found that the main reason why employees quit their jobs isn’t to make more money somewhere else, but because of limited or lack of recognition for the job they do.

Two male hands hold a red Woops! Box of 12 French macarons with assorted flavors.

Then what might work better in order to keep your employees engaged, invested,  and working in your company? Simple, recognition. And recognizing your employees doesn’t necessarily mean a 5% bonus… believe us when we say that some thoughtful gifts work many more wonders.

The most amazing thing about employee recognition is that this acknowledgment makes the team more driven & determined, better coworkers and teammates, it creates a bond between them and the company, and so much more! You can read further about the effects of employee recognition here.

A male Woops! employee is smiling while looking at the camera from behind a bakeshop counter that has several French macarons, waffles, ice cream cones, and a big macaron pyramid.

Some great ways to recognize your employees

You can always count on us to help you impress your whole team. Giving them boxes of chocolates, mugs, pens, and notebooks will never be badly seen, but they won’t leave a lasting impression.

Make all your coworkers and employees go ‘WOW’ with something beautiful that will seriously dazzle them all: customized macaron gift boxes & customized macarons as well!

A white counter has several Woops! French macarons boxes in different sizes and colors. Some of the boxes have customized sleeves, others have golden ribbons.

How to customize your corporate gifts?

Choose your own flavors. Go through all of our exquisite French macaron flavors and get delighted with their colors as well. You can create your own box in our available sizes and fill them with your favorite macs.

Print your macarons! If there’s one thing we’re proud of, is of the delight we’re able to see on everyone who gets some of our printed macarons. You can print your corporate logo or an image that matches your theme to strengthen your company branding. They’re awesome to bring an event to life as well.

A turquoise background features an opened aquamarine Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors. Beside it are several black “Playtika Happy Birthday” boxes with golden ribbons.

Create gasps at first sight. Create your very own sleeve for your macaron gift boxes! You can make one with your own logo or print a custom message on one of our sleeve designs.

A white brick wall serves as a background to a wood counter that has a big Woops! French macarons pyramid with assorted flavors and pink and white flowers.

Got an office reunion coming soon? Add some toweringly stunning centerpieces in the shape of macaron pyramids. Yes,  they’re real stunners.

It doesn’t have to be a big box… Our favor boxes are really beautiful as well! You can customize your favor box with an image or gift tag.

A white brick wall features a woman with a flowered dress holding a transparent favor box of 3 Honey Lavender French macarons with a golden ribbon.

Explore our customization catalog and go through all of the amazing options you have to choose from!

It’s never too early to start recognizing the amazing work and effort your employees put in day after day. What better way to do so than with spectacular macaron gift boxes? Get in touch with us now.

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