5 reasons why corporate gifting is important

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First of all, what exactly is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is an amazing way in which you can interact and show appreciation to your employees, customers, prospecting clients, and partners. The main purpose of these types of gifts is to create a close relationship and a strong connection between both parties. Happier employees that feel a strong connection with their employer are more motivated to do their best at work. Happy customers, similarly, become loyal and more trusting to continue your business relationship. In both cases, corporate gifting is good for the heart as much as it is good for your business.

But don’t be fooled! It may sound easy to simply give a gift and expect to accomplish something valuable with it, but in reality, corporate gifts require dedication, thought, and time to be done right. You could do it all by yourself, or you can partner with a gifting company whose options will stand out and that will truly answer all your needs.

4 opened boxes full of assorted French macarons have other French macaron boxes with multiple colors and designs surrounding them

1. Build, maintain, and strengthen your relationships

Nurture new and existing connections and distinguish yourself from your competitors through strategic gifts that will remind all your recipients how important they are to you. Remember: it’s all about first impressions—and then further impressions as well—so it’s super important to set the right tone from the beginning of your working relationship.

Work on strengthening those connections by continuously showing gratitude through stunning gifts, but be sure to never decrease their quality. Create memorable experiences through thoughtful, customized tokens of appreciation that will always go a long way in making all your recipients feel cared for and valued.

Two opened boxes full of assorted French macarons have multiple French macaron boxes with customized sleeves and golden ribbons surrounding them

2. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the competition?

When it comes to corporate gifting, you can’t afford to fall short of the competition… ever. Giving unique, customized, memorable, and thoughtful gifts that are a full-on experience is an amazing way to always make yourself and your company stay at the top of your recipients’ minds.

Not to brag (that much), but our incredible macaron pyramids, stacks, and boxes are the perfect gifts that will excite and fill anyone with joy thanks to their deliciousness, beauty, and uniqueness. Macarons aren’t the same old cookies & cupcakes, they’re a spontaneously luxurious gift that anyone would love!

A woman with a pink sweater is holding an opened box that’s full of assorted French macarons. To the left is a French macaron box with a Thankful sleeve
3. Reinforce everyone’s value in your company

Communicate your appreciation to all your employees and customers by sending gifts to their homes throughout the year and not only on the holidays.

An opened box full of assorted French macarons has a white, thank you greeting cards and some flowers to its left

Celebrate their achievements and birthdays, create virtual events and complement them with thoughtful and premium gifts (like macaron boxes 😉), include a memorable greeting card with a personalized message (yes, they’re as important as the gift itself), and surprise everyone with acts of kindness that will spread happiness, motivation, and excitement for what’s to come.

A hand is holding an opened box full of assorted French macarons in front of a doorstep

4. Physical distance barriers? That’s not an excuse!

Remote work has made physical interactions more difficult to achieve. Still, this is not an excuse to not keep on working on having everyone feel close to each other, and most importantly, to your business.

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to start—and continue—nurturing all your connections and relationships. A gratitude and appreciation gift can keep your company at the top of everyone’s mind, while also reminding your employees and clients that you’re always by their side and that you care.

If you’re thinking of sending macaron gift boxes, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Our macaron boxes, stacks, and macaron pyramids can be shipped anywhere within the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii), they’ll reach their destination within 1-3 days, and they’ll always arrive in pristine conditions.

An opened box full of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream French macarons has a box of French macarons with a customized sleeve and a black customized sleeve surrounding it
5. Enhance your company’s reputation

Choose high-quality gifts that can be truly enjoyed, remembered, and used (not like the standard, branded swags that are usually shoved in a closet). By gifting something thoughtful, you show your recipients that you pay close attention to detail and that you put your employees’ and clients’ interests and likes first. Selecting the right presents will generate good feelings amongst all your recipients and these warm and cared-for feelings will create an image of your business as being kind and caring.

This positive reputation will become more sales from customer referrals, plus repeat business, more motivation, a better working environment, happiness, and all the good things a business wants.

An opened box full of assorted French macarons is surrounded by several French macaron boxes with different, colorful sleeves

As for employee gifting? Awesome, unexpected gifts will boost your reputation among professionals! Any employee loves to work in a company that acknowledges and rewards their achievements, and having a good reputation will also help you attract the best experts in the field.

5 French macaron boxes with customized sleeves and golden ribbons are being displayed
We’re specialists at this!

Embrace the amazing power of corporate gifting, use it to your advantage, and thrive! Get in touch with us now, we’ll come up with amazing gifting options that will dazzle, stun, and amaze all your clients and employees… nothing better than some spectacular French macaron boxes, stacks, and macaron pyramids to sweeten up their lives at any time of the year, right?

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