The best 2022 Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Spoil your besties with the best gifts.

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day (February 13th, if you don’t want to do the math), is all about showing appreciation and love for friends and pals. This holiday has become so famous that it’s now widely celebrated pretty much everywhere… after all, your friends are the ones who have always been there for you through thick and thin, and that’s something worth partying over. 😉

3 women are laughing while sitting and eating French macarons with some coffee

How can you make this year’s Galentine’s sooo much better?

By throwing in some beautiful gifts *cough* macaron gift boxes. Whether you want to go out to dinner, celebrate at home, or even virtually, here are some uh-mazing gift ideas that’ll leave your bbs wide-mouthed and stunned. From the most spectacular sweets to the best skincare essentials and phone cases, read on to find more.

3 French macarons boxes with Valentine’s Day sleeves are surrounded by a tiered tray full of macarons, an opened box of 9 French macarons, and a vase with circles-shaped candy.
Sweet tooth… everyone

Both Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day are the best holidays to eat all the candy one could want and more. But not any candy, of course. Avoid the super common chocolates you can get at any Target and go for something so delicious and just as gorgeous!

“So pretty, colorful, delicious, and flavorful? How did you know this is what I wanted!?” is what your BFFs will say once they see our fantastic Valentine’s Day macaron gift boxes (they’re just as perfect for Galentine’s, don’t worry).

Our macaron stacks, favor boxes, and boxes full of 18 or 9 macarons are the most luxurious, premium, and scrumptious sweets your friends will be left obsessed with.

An opened pink skincare mini fridge has several skin care products inside. Credits: QUBI Store.
©QUBI Store

For the beauty gurus

If you have a friend that’s all about skincare, then a skincare fridge is what he or she needs! This pink mini fridge is cute, adorable, amazing, and just perfect to store all the beauty products… plus some midnight macaron cravings as well (obvi).

A pink phone case showcases some red and yellow letters and a cartoon girl with black hair. Photo credits: Casetify


A little bossy but oh so lovely?

We all have that friend that’s more like a mom, a super fun mom, but still a mom. When it comes to accessorizing, a cool phone case becomes just as important (and as awesome) as having an amazing purse. If you want to let your super bossy friend know awesome he or she is, then this beautiful phone case is just what you need. You’re welcome.

A transparent vase is filled with red, orange, purple, and pink flowers. Photo credits: UrbanStems


For the flower lovers

There are a looot of people who still love to be pampered with flowers, and if one of those people is one of your friends, then an UrbanStems arrangement is what you need! So many colors, species, vases, alive and not alive flowers, and more is what you will find here. Browse away and choose your favorite.

A plate full of assorted French macarons has two bottles of wine, some flowers, and two glasses of wine behind.

©Megan & Kenneth

Wine & macarons? Yes, always yes!

Premium macaron gift boxes plus bottles of wine are what anyone and everyone would love! Cozy up with your best pals and enjoy a live, guided wine tasting with Brooklyn Winery x Woops! macarons. Don’t miss out on this spectacular opportunity and get shopping now.

A beige tote bag has a tiny, brown dog inside. Photo credits: Revolve

Anyone in love with their pet?

Sure, who wouldn’t fall in love with those cute, fluffy bundles of joy and love? If your BFF has a tiny pet then a beautiful carrying case is always a big YES, or how does a gorgeous leash sound? Take a look at the best 29 pet leashes according to the New York Magazine.

A blonde woman is modeling a red sweater with some pink letters. Photo credits. LuluSimonStudio


If they’re not feeling very Valentine’s-y this year

Not loving Valentine’s Day is more common than we think. If any of your friends—or you—isn’t feeling sweet and lovey-dovey-February-month-of-love, gift them a veeery appropriate sweater for the season (yup, the one above on the pic). You can wear it together on the 13th, or mail it to their home with a funny card. Open some bottles of wine paired with macarons, wear the heck out of your new acquisitions, and have the best Galentine’s Day ever.

A man and woman are holding a box of 18 French macarons with a Valentine’s Day sleeve in their hands.
Need any more ideas?

Skincare, clothes, sweets (yummy macarons… is there anything better?), wine, pets, flowers, even phone cases… we’ve got a lot covered for you here but there are sooo many more options to pamper, spoil, and show some love to your amazing pals on this Galentine’s Day. Get choosing and enjoy a day full of one of the purest loves: the one from the people who’ve had your back since day one.

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