The perfect drinks to pair with macarons!

Complement your spectacular Woops! macarons with the most delicious drinks.

Every day is a good one to eat a delicious something, to pamper and spoil your loved ones, and also to toast in the name of care, good company, and love. Surprise everyone with macaron boxes that are the perfect, spontaneous, beautiful, and delicious gift that anyone would love.

Our macarons are full of sweet deliciousness and available in ultra-fine flavors. Their ganache is made with premium Valrhona white chocolate and the shells are delicately crafted with light almond flour, seriously… what’s not to love?

We’re always coming up with spectacular macaron boxes ideal for any and every occasion. Want to wow your couple, family, and friends? Then follow this awesome guide of the best drinks to complement these mouthwatering sweets.

Toasting with champagne and French macarons
Oh crispy, delicious Champagne, we love you so…

Champagne and macarons not only come from the same country, but they also make a fantastic pair. Still, you must wisely choose the champagne you’ll get depending on the macaron flavors you’ll be having.

If your lover, BFF, or sister prefers semi-dry champagne, delight them with a Very Vanilla Berry box and a bottle in hand. This box is filled with Vanilla, Raspberry, and Strawberry macarons that go very well with some Demi-Sec bubbles.

If, on the other hand, your loved ones belong to the sweet-lovers group, your best choice will be a Parisian Flair box,  full of Vanilla, Honey Lavender, and Rose macarons. Match this box’s sugary flavors (and make them even more irresistible!) with a bottle of Doux champagne. Bubbles and sweetness in your mouth? Deliciousness guaranteed!

Here’s an easy tip: always pair your macaron’s sweetness with that of the champagne you’ll select. Cheers!

Assortment of French macarons with a bottle of wine

It’s wine o’clock!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a chilled glass of wine? We don’t think so! If you’re having a girl’s night out and want to impress everyone, do it with chocolates…in macaron shape! And don’t forget the bottle, of course: almost any white wine will complement and enrich our Dark Chocolate & Nutella macarons’ cocoa notes.

And, in case your BFFs are fruit lovers, get a wine that’s made with aromatic grapes, typically expressed as exotic fruits such as lychee & passion fruit. Pair it up with a macaron box filled with your choice of fruity flavors and get prepared to impress! Our Lemon Tart, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Passion Fruit macarons are incredible.

It’s common to find wines that have flowery fragrances such as rose & lavender, or honey and baking spices tones as well. These types of wine tend to be full-bodied with low acidity and are sometimes complemented with a lovely spritz. Add some Rose, Honey Lavender, Birthday Cake, or Strawberry Crème macarons to highlight the effervescence of your drink!

French macarons and coffee with milk. Credits: @diannnnneee

Coffee is fantastic with almost any macaron flavor!

It doesn’t always have to be about going out to dinner or to a party, the little moments are greatly appreciated as well: a Sunday brunch, a delicious breakfast in bed, or a romantic afternoon full of coffee and macaron boxes watching the sunset.

Enhance your delicious treat’s flavors with a hot cup of coffee, and here’s a tip: pair your macarons with the strength of the coffee you’re serving. Our Dark Chocolate and Espresso Macchiato flavors will be intensified with a strong coffee.

If you want to give your coffee a lighter note in concentration, add a little bit of your preferred milk or steam it up! And make a delicious cappuccino. Lighter coffees pair amazingly with Vanilla, Pistachio, Honey Lavender, or Rose macarons.

Make your macaron boxes more delicious with ideal drinks to pair them with. We told you some of our favorites, but in reality, there are many more options! Get creative and surprise your closest ones the sweetest way (psst! Our Everyday Occasion boxes are the perfect beginning).

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