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Let us help you make all your events more stunning, impressive, and delicious!

As the title says, we’re glad to be able to be a part of any and every event: corporate, birthday parties, bachelorettes, weddings, baby showers, everyday occasions, and more! You name it, we can be there making every moment unforgettable.

Our customers are our number one priority and the reason why the Woops!’ team works day after day to make every one of our clients’ occurrences a reality. Whether you’re looking for something demure but still beautiful and captivating, or something that will blow your guest’s minds away, let us help you out bring it to life.

A woman with red hair and black clothes is making pink dyed French macarons of assorted flavors that are placed in front of her on a wooden table.

You’ll always have a group of gifting and event experts waiting to assist you in anything you might need, so read on to find out what we can offer you to make all of your life’s moments stunning and memorable. If you’re asking yourself “where can I find the best French macarons near me”… this is it 😉

A woman with black hair is holding the lid of a purple Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors on its inside. Beside the box is a glass of champagne.
Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

Not to brag, but our macaron boxes will always be winners. We’re constantly looking for ways to make your French macarons experience the best it can be. As some say, everything first enters through the eyes! This is why your boxes will always be exquisitely crafted and beautifully decorated to create the perfect complement to your mouthwatering goodies.

A white background features several stacked Woops! Boxes of French macarons in different sizes and colors.

You can choose from our pre-made boxes or you can even customize your own! The possibilities are endless so get ready for sweet inspiration to hit you once you take a look at our customization catalog.

You might have some guests that will be wondering what macarons taste like, well make’em wonder no more and surprise them with only the best!

A tiered tray holds several French macarons with Rose, Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Dark Chocolate flavors. Surrounding the are several flowers, some leaves, and a wooden table on its behind.

Stacks, you said?

Yup, you heard (or read) right. If you want to up your macaron boxes game, then stack’em! Our macaron stacks are full of beauty and flavor, they’re a real sweet journey that will bring anyone’s senses alight.

We’ve got several stack options where you can choose: from small stacks to premium stacks, be sure that everyone will be left wide-eyed with delight. Tied together by a ribbon, our stacks will always be winners.

A white background features some tiny boxes full of customized Rose and Vanilla French macarons. The boxes have a golden ribbon.
The sweetest forget-me-nots

The best way to welcome or thank your guests for coming is to give them a cute, tiny bundle of sweetness in a macaron favor box shape! Beautiful and delicate, our gorgeous little boxes are the perfect token of yumminess that will leave anyone’s sweet tooth satisfied with their delicious flavors and charm.

A table with a white mantle features a roses and green leaves arrangement, some napkins, glasses, and 3 tiny French macaron boxes of 2 with Vanilla and Rose flavors on its inside, they all have a golden ribbon tying them.

You can choose boxes of up to 3 French macarons, your fave flavors, and also include a ribbon! We promise no one will leave these goodies behind ‘cause they’re eye-catchers wherever they are. Explore our spectacular flavor guide here and choose your favorites.

A wooden table tray holds a big French macarons pyramid with Vanilla, Honey Lavender, Rose, and Raspberry French macarons. Beside the pyramid are 3 tiny plates with 2 macarons each and a flower arrangement.

Yes, expect this reaction if you decide to include one of our ultimate stunners in your next event: our toweringly mac-nificent macaron pyramids! Wherever they are, no matter the time, the occasion, or the people, our French macaron pyramids will always (always!) leave people wide-eyed and wide-mouthed… we’ve heard people gasp once they see them, not kidding here.

Our spectacular pyramids come in different sizes and you can choose your favorite flavors to make up the most stunning sweet piece you’ll ever have. Plus, they’re so easy to assemble!

If you want to get some extra delicious inspo, you must check out our gifting catalog where you’ll be able to look at all of the numerous options we’ve got for you.

Step into the Woops! French macarons train… we promise (reeeeally promise) you’ll love the whole ride. Plus, you’ll never again ask yourself “where are the best French macarons near me” after having a taste of these delicious sweets.

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