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Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a major holiday celebrated in the Indian subcontinent and all around the world. It’s also a joyful time filled with lots of bright lamps, fireworks, and gift-giving! Last year we came up with a beautiful Diwali Collection, and we enjoyed being a part of this incredible holiday so much that this year we decided to do it once again 🙂

Our Diwali 2021 gorgeous collection is full of eye-catching boxes that are absolutely perfect for adding a sweet touch of color and deliciousness to this delightful occasion. Get to know our boxes and get some to gift to your friends, family, and colleagues!

A girl dressed in purple is looking at a decoration that’s full of lit candles.

Credits: Sociedad Gráfica de las Indias

A little bit more about this celebration

The word “Diwali” comes from the Sanskrit word “Deepavali”, which means “rows of lighted lamps” and it’s India’s biggest holiday. It’s celebrated every year around October and November and it’s a beautiful festival of lights that stretches back more than 2,500 years!

Millions of people around the world celebrate the triumph of good over evil with beautiful rituals that go from festive lights—called diyas—that decorate the streets and fireworks, to sweet gifting and family gatherings. The streets become filled with dance, lively songs, and spectacles of noise and light that help scare away the evil spirits.

Many people consider Diwali as a fresh start, very similar to the Lunar New Year celebrated in January. Besides being a time filled with bright celebrations, it’s also a moment for cleaning and renovating for the upcoming year.

French macaron box with a Diwali sleeve is surrounded by candles and other French macaron boxes.

Add a sweet touch to your Diwali gifts

This joyous holiday is well-known for being one where everyone gifts sweets to their loved ones… and what better way to commemorate such a special time than with something premium, extra thoughtful, and memorable? Our spectacular Diwali Collection has 3 gorgeous French macaron boxes that are perfect for surprising and adding a luxurious touch to your celebration, come meet them!

An opened French macaron box with assorted flavors is surrounded by French macarons, candles, and other French macaron boxes with Diwali sleeves.

Our collection

Get something as colorfully beautiful as a rangoli and make your good wishes known with our bright and flavorful Rangoli Color Box that’s full of creamy Caramel Fleur de Sel, nutty Pistachio, and aromatic Rose French macarons!

Or why not bring some extra good fortune & prosperity home with deliciously striking goodies packed in a spectacularly colorful Prosperity Tasting Box? This beauty comes full of all our classic and seasonal flavors.

An opened French macaron box with assorted flavors has a French macaron box with a Diwali sleeve and a golden ribbon to its left. Some candles and mandalas are surrounding both boxes.

Last but not least, get prepared to enjoy the bright patakhe fireworks with bright, colorful, and premium French macarons… that you can choose yourself! Our Build Your Own Fireworks Box is perfect for sharing with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and all your loved ones. 

An opened box of 5 French macarons has 2 French macaron boxes with Diwali sleeves to its left. The 3 boxes are surrounded by candles and a mandala.

Lit up this year’s Diwali with nothing but the best!

Our amazing collection is waiting for you, so go get your boxes now, now, now to have them just in time (November 4th is just around the corner, Woopster).

We’d also love to know how you’re celebrating Diwali this year! If you take any pictures with your goodies, please tag us using @bywoops. 

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