GoParrot x Woops!: A successful corporate gifting story

Dazzle your customers & employees with premium sweets.

Nowadays, the efforts made by companies to keep their talents in-house, happy, motivated, and engaged—plus the work made by them to keep their clients coming back and close—has made terms such as “employee retention” and “client satisfaction” very common in management discussion tables.

Several branded French macaron boxes with golden ribbons are on top of a pink background

Wondering how you can express your messages of appreciation, gratitude, and esteem without having to make a call or using words? Through thoughtful, gorgeous, and memorable corporate gifts… and that’s why we’re here.

An opened French macaron box, a French macarons tray with some macarons, a blue custom sleeve, and golden ribbon, and a custom greeting card are on top of a light blue background.

GoParrot x Woops!

GoParrot, a company that specializes in providing premium digital ordering & marketing platforms for restaurants, acknowledges the huge importance that their customers and their satisfaction have. They came to us looking for help with keeping their existing and prospective customers engaged & excited about choosing and working with them.

Our first collaboration consisted of a holiday gifting project where we sent all of GoParrot’s clients a fully customized French macaron gift box with a personalized greeting card, plus a book they wanted to add to their gift.

An opened French macaron box filled with assorted macarons has a box with a custom sleeve to its right and a custom greeting card below.

After the success of this project, they contacted us again wanting to send another custom box of macarons with a branded greeting card to all their prospecting clients during a virtual event they led in May of 2020.

All sleeves and greeting cards were designed by GoParrot’s design team according to Woops! easy-to-use sleeve and greeting card templates.

We’re proud of this

We offered GoParrot a complete white-glove service: from logistics to packaging, designing, and more; all they had to do was give us their recipients’ addresses and that was it.

A green French macaron box with a golden ribbon is being held by a hand in front of a wooden door.

What do we mean by this?

On short notice, we were able to deliver all 120 gifts to their customers’ home addresses, which arrived right on time for the New Year celebration.

And for their virtual event project, as per GoParrot request, all 100 gifts arrived on the same day and time to complement the schedule of the virtual event.

A customized French macaron box with a golden ribbon sits on top of a pink background.

And what did they have to say?

Yaniv, GoParrot’s CEO, said that “we sent a beautifully custom-designed box of delicious French macarons and the ‘Startup Nation’ book along with a handwritten note. We got an excellent and professional service from the Woops! team and our customers, partners, and employees loved the macarons. We got so many positive responses and thank you emails. Thank you to the Woops! team. We highly recommend working with them!”

A customized French macaron box has an opened macaron box filled with assorted flavors. A tiny plant pot sits beside the custom sleeve.

Other companies that have worked with us

NBCUniversal, Bingo Blitz of Playtika, and Glamour have been among the many companies that have experienced how our gorgeous, memorable, and thoughtful custom macaron boxes have made their clients feel special, joyful, and a part of their company’s family, creating a stronger bond between both parties.

A purple French macaron box is being held by a smiling woman that is biting a Strawberry French macaron.

Think no more and begin now!

Many studies have shown that it is important to show esteem and appreciation to your customers.

If you want to truly impress your clients then stop wasting your time and contact us! Our gifting concierges will always lend you a helping hand, together we can create the best custom macaron boxes and the best corporate gifts for your clients.

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