Making the Most of Christmas Dinner Leftovers: A Feast for Days

The perfect solution for your jolly dinner leftovers!

The holiday season is all about indulging in delicious feasts, and Christmas dinner is often the highlight of the festivities. As the joyous day unfolds and the family gathers around the table, lots of mouth watering dishes grace the Christmas spread. 

However, once the feast is over, the challenge arises—what to do with the Christmas leftover pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, and so on? Fear not! We’ve got creative and tasty solutions to turn those leftovers into a feast that lasts for days.

A French macaron pyramid surrounded by macaron boxes with Holiday sleeves and assorted macarons

Holiday Macarons Delight: A Sweet Treat

One delightful way to repurpose Christmas dinner leftovers is to incorporate them into a holiday dessert spread. 

Enter the world of holiday macarons—these delicate sweets can be transformed into a stunning dessert! Simply take a moment to look at our gorgeous spread of boxes, pyramids, and stacks in our Holiday Collection.

You may crush leftover candy canes or sprinkle some chopped nuts to add a festive twist to them. You can even mix in a bit of cranberry sauce for a burst of seasonal flavor! The result? A plate of holiday macarons that captures the essence of Christmas in every bite.

Christmas Leftover Pie

Pies are a quintessential part of Christmas dinner, and turning leftovers into a Christmas leftover pie will always be a game-changer. 

Take leftover roasted vegetables, slices of turkey, and a generous helping of mashed potatoes—layer them into a pie dish and cover with a flaky pie crust. Bake until golden brown, and voilà! You’ve just created a savory Christmas leftover pie that’s both hearty and comforting. Top it off with a dollop of cranberry sauce for that perfect balance of flavors.

Festive Leftover Sandwiches: Beyond the Basics

Elevate the humble leftover sandwich to new heights by incorporating the flavors of your Christmas dinner. 

Layer slices of leftover ham or turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, and a smear of creamy mashed potatoes between two slices of your favorite bread, toast it up a bit and you’re all done! This festive leftover sandwich is a handheld delight that captures the essence of the holiday season in each bite. 

Always feel free to experiment with different combinations to find your perfect flavor balance.

Christmas Leftovers Pizza: A Slice of Cheer

Give your leftover ham and veggies a pizza party makeover. Roll out some pizza dough, spread a thin layer of leftover cranberry sauce as the base, and top it with shredded turkey or ham, and roasted vegetables plus add a sprinkle of cheese. Bake until bubbly and golden and have one of the most holiday-ish pizzas your family has ever seen!

This Christmas leftover pizza is a fun and inventive way to savor the flavors of the holiday season in a whole new form.

Savory Leftover Breakfast: Wake Up to Christmas Flavors

Who doesn’t love to have a delicious, savory, and festive breakfast after a night of good times and partying? Delight your loved ones by dicing up leftover ham or turkey, mix it with roasted potatoes, sautéed vegetables, and maybe even incorporate some stuffing. 

Top it with a fried or poached egg for a satisfying morning meal that celebrates the flavors of Christmas in every forkful.

A hand is holding two Red Velvet macarons and a Pistachio one.

As the holiday season continues, these inventive ways to repurpose Christmas dinner leftovers ensure that the joy and flavors of the holidays linger a bit longer. From holiday macarons to Christmas leftover pies, these ideas add a touch of creativity to your post-holiday meals. 

Embrace the spirit of abundance and savor the festive flavors in every bite, even after the last present has been unwrapped and the tree lights begin to dim. Cheers to a season of indulgence and the gift of delicious leftovers that keep on giving!

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