The coolest Father’s Day gifts!

Melt your dad’s heart & make his belly happy with only the finest: French macarons

Even through the lame jokes or the occasional cringy T-shirt, your awesome dad will always be a hero and constant support in your life.

After a tough 2020 where this day couldn’t be celebrated as it should be, wouldn’t it be a good idea to now take it to a whole new level? Here’s how you can switch things up: get him an equally cool, completely thoughtful gift for his day… how does some of our Father’s Day boxes full of premium macarons sound?

A brown-haired man with a grey t-shirt and jeans is sharing some pink drinks and several Woops! French macarons with his two tiny daughters that are wearing pink and white pijamas. Photo credits: @unknitandtiedtogether


He may seem tough…

But believe us when we say, he’s really not. Melt his heart, bond with him, and make him smile with a top-notch Father’s Day box full of the finest goodies he’ll ever have!

Nothing better to bright up his day than a box full of delicious assorted flavors he’ll undoubtedly love: our Awesome Dads Tasting Box full of all our classic and seasonal macarons that will make his eyes go wide!

If you’d like to know what dads love more than sports, it’s rich & finger-licking good food… better yet, extremely yummy and mouthwatering sweets.

A light orange background features an opened, aquamarine Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with Vanilla, Pistachio, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Mint Chocolate, Honey Lavender, and Lemon Tart flavors. To its right is a green “Father’s Day” sleeve with an inscription in the middle.

To our first superheroes

No matter how old you might get or how much you grow up, your first hero will always be dad. Reminisce on the good old days of laughing uncontrollably on top of his shoulders, or when he carried you upside down in the park just to make you smile! That’s what Father’s Day is all about.

Make some new memories with your awesome old man and treat him to something as sweet as his presence in your life. Our My #1 Superhero! box comes full of a mind-blowing mix of flavors: our Vanilla, Pistachio, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Mint Chocolate, Honey Lavender, & Lemon Tart macarons will set his tastebuds (and his heart <3) alight.

A dark-haired man with a grey t-shirt is carrying his little blonde son that’s wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt. They’re both smiling and looking at each other while sharing a Rose Woops! French macaron in a park.

A love that grows day after day

As time goes by, and as new memories & experiences are created, our love for dad grows more and more and that’s the best Father’s Day gift you can give him.

He might not be able to carry you around anymore, but those hugs that recharge and those sweet and comforting words that never fail to make you cry in relief or smile with joy will always give your father a mega special place in your heart.

A man as awesome, unique, strong, and so full of beautiful values deserves something that measures up to him, like some of our World’s Greatest Father box full of premium macarons! Sweeten him up this Father’s Day with astounding flavors that will make him happier and just a tad bit chubbier 😉

A smiling old man with a turquoise shirt and jeans is holding a pink Woops! Box of 12 French macarons with assorted flavors.
To the picky dads!

We all know that some dads tend to be picky, and even more with age. Although we’re sure he’d love all of our mouthwateringly premium macarons, you can still get him only his faves with our mindblowingly delicious Build Your Own I Love You Daddy box!

Select his preferred flavors and surprise him with the finest French desserts around… you might convince him of sharing some with with you but they’re so yummy we’re not that sure he will let you have some.

A smiling man with dark hair and a grey t-shirt is carrying his two little, smiling daughters on his knees. Both girls are wearing pink and white pajamas and in front of them is a white table with 3 pink drinks and a plate with 3 Woops! French macarons. Photo credits: @unknitandtiedtogether


Still, take this beautiful box and this special day as an opportunity to do something different together: have a blind tasting experience, invite him to some great drinks as well, get delighted with the macaron’s eye-catching colors & tastes, and just enjoy.

A smiling man with a cap and a sleeveless white t-shirt is holding a pink box of 6 Woops! French macarons in one hand and a Chocolate French macaron in the other. He’s standing in front of a Woops! Bakeshop window.

We’ve got more cool & delicious Father’s Day gifting options where you can choose from! Explore our top-notch limited-edition Father’s Day Collection that’s full of the best gifts and get ready to impress the awesome dads of your life.

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