Choose the Perfect Macarons for Your Mom

Get French macarons that match her awesomeness!

And all of a sudden, Mother’s Day is once again around the corner… and we’re loving it. Every single day is a good one to pamper and show love to all the awesome, admirable, strong, and incredible mothers of the world, but much more on this special day.

We’ve already talked about the best activities to make your Mom’s day as entertaining and as memorable as it can be, but how does adding some extra touches of color and flavor to her day sound?

Show her the depth of your love through our spectacular macaron flavors that you can find all over our gorgeous Mother’s Day Collection. Come and find out which ones are perfect for her depending on what you’d like to express on this day! Remember that when words aren’t enough, you can find some extra support in our French macarons. 😌

A smiling woman is holding a box of French macarons and a child in her arms.

Red and Pink are all about love!

This ain’t a secret to no one. Red and pink are the official colors of love and passion, red is also known as the color of courage and strength, and pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

Want to tell your mom (who’s also your friend!) how much you admire her tenacity and power and how awesome her sweet caring is? Do so with some Red Velvet, Rose, and Strawberry French macaron flavors!

A stack of 2 French macaron boxes is tied together by a golden ribbon. Lying around are several assorted French macarons and alfajores.

This Mother’s Day pamper her with some extra love packed in our Only The Best For Mom Alfajores & Macaron Stack. If you’re wondering what alfajores are, they’re South American treats made with two delicious buttery cookies with Argentinian creamy dulce de leche sandwiched between them.

A smiling child and woman are holding French macarons to their eyes while lying down on the floor.

Purple for the queen of your life

Purple is associated with royalty and nobility. This can only mean that there’s no better way to pamper the queen of your world than with some Honey Lavender, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter & Jelly macaron flavors!

Our I Love You So Much Tasting Box that’s full of all our classic and seasonal flavors includes these delicious macarons that your mom will be smitten with.

A smiling woman is holding a French macaron in her hand while looking at her baby boy.

What about white and cream?

White symbolizes purity and peace while the cream color is all about harmony and relaxation. If there’s one thing we all know, is that there’s nothing purer than mom’s love and nothing more relaxing and calming than her warm hugs.

Express how much calmness and peace she brings to your life just by being there with some of our Cookies & Cream, Peppermint, Vanilla, or Tiramisu macaron flavors.

A box full of 9 assorted French macarons has a glass of milk and a plate with French macarons and cookies to its right. Lying below is a box of French macarons with a Mother’s Day sleeve and a pink note that says I

The mix between Cookies & Cream is an American classic that’s loved by everyone. Our Peppermint macaron is a fun, delicious treat reminiscent of the holidays’ good times. You can also give her some of our classic & delicious Vanilla French macarons (they never go wrong!) or add an Italian touch to her day with our dusted-with-cocoa Tiramisu goodies.

Find some of these mouthwatering flavors in our Happiest Memories Box and fill her day with pure deliciousness!

A smiling woman and child are holding a Pistachio French macaron in their mouths.

Stay green!

Green is all about calmness, energy, life, and renewal. Give the mommas of your life—or yourself—a little bit of peace and calm in the sweetest, most delicious shape.

We’ve got different hues of green in our macaron flavors, but they’re all equally delicious. Meet our Pistachio, Birthday Cake, and Lemon Meringue sweets!

Our olive green Pistachio macaron has shells with the color of wisdom and compassion, they’re a lovely pick-me-up your mom will undoubtedly love.

A smiling girl is holding 2 Birthday Cake French macarons to her eyes.

You can also add some extra joy to this day with colorful sprinkles! Who doesn’t love them? Our yummy Birthday Cake macaron is as tasty as it is fun. Last but not least, our Lemon Meringue mac is perfect as a boost-of-happiness gift with its bright yellowy-green color.

Sweeten up this day with our Celebrate Every MOMent Box, the perfect gift for those mommas who need an extra dose of joy in their lives.

A small French macaron pyramid with assorted flavors has some flowers below.

Brown Deliciousness

Brown is associated with resilience, security, and safety. Show your mom how big of a safe haven she is with our brown macaron flavors!

Our Nutella, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel Fleur de Sel goodies are some of our best sellers that your mom will love. Stun her with our dazzling Moms & Chocolate Pyramid that will make her eyes pop with love.

A hand is holding a box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors and a lid with a Mother’s Day sleeve in front of a black door.

Whether near or far, show your mom how much you love her on this Mother’s Day with gifts as sweet as she is. If you can’t spend the day with her but want to send over some goodies she’ll enjoy, we can get your macarons delivered to where she is.

Match those delicious macarons with some yummy drinks and make use of the colors to get your messages across! Better yet, make use of our macaron flavors & colors.

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