Fun activities for Mother's Day

Make this Mother’s Day memorable with gifts & activities that will surely delight her!

We all know every day should be Mother’s Day, especially after the past year, but the official day is just around the corner. This 9th of May celebrate your mom, and all the moms of your life, with some awesome Mother’s Day gifts and with some fabulous and creative activities & experiences.

A mother and daughter enjoy some time outdoors smiling and eating Woops! French macarons.

For the outdoor enthusiasts

Now that we’re all feeling safer with being outside our homes, isn’t it a good idea to celebrate this day with outdoorsy activities? A good ol’ picnic at the park is always great, but let’s give it a tiny twist.

Organize a delicious brunch at the park and include some of our Mother’s Day macaron boxes with great drinks and prepare a relaxing yoga or pilates class. There are tons of videos and tutorials on how to have the best workouts at the park, and there are many child-friendly classes too!

Relaxing day at the park with the best food, company, and activities? We love it!

A blue wall painted with drawings of children and standing in front is a woman's arms holding a plate full of assorted French macarons
Is she a creative-type mom?

If your mom loves DIY projects, then help her unleash that inner artist. Art classes are always a go-to when exploring your creative side and artsy talents.  This Mother’s Day get ready to roll up those sleeves, grab some wine & macarons, and prepare yourself and your mama for a joyful painting session.

There are lots of places in NYC that are awesome for painting classes, such as The Painting Lounge, but if you’re not in the Big Apple then get Googling! We’re sure you’ll find some great spots near you.

Another great & artistic idea? French macaron flowers! Make something that’s already delicious & beautiful extra gorgeous, plus they’re so easy to make:

Wine lovers, we’ve got you covered!

Who doesn’t love the classic combination of macarons with wine or champagne? We’re sure your mom does, so pour her a glass (or four) of some yummy vino this Mother’s Day and relax!

White marble countertop with two Brooklyn Winery bottles of wine, a Woops! Box with French macarons in assorted flavors, two glasses, and some flowers.

Photography by @meganandkenneth

Get signed up for an in-person wine tasting, or for a virtual one. The amazing Brooklyn Winery offers some great tastings that are perfect to match with our delicious macarons. Surprise her with something different and spontaneous! We promise this will be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts she’ll receive.

A white wood chair with a Woops! French macaron white box with a golden ribbon and an “I Love You to the Macaron and Back” greeting card
And, in our opinion…

The best Mother’s Day gift is simply being with her and making her happy. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great occasion for showing her your gigantic love through some yummy gifts (or French macarons ;)) & activities.

If you want to spend some chill time at home with her, check out this idea: order some of our Mother’s Day macaron boxes, buy your favorite sprinkles, prepare some melted dark chocolate, and get ready for making mac-nificent DIY chocolate-dipped macarons!

Here’s a video to get you inspired:

And there’s so much more you can do with her! Let your creativity flow and surprise your mom with some great Mother’s Day gifts and fun activities to make this day a memorable one.

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