The 5 Best Summer Desserts Are Here!

Awesome sweets to enjoy with loved ones.

Oh, summer… the most lively and joyful season of the year. Local farmer’s markets are packed with fresh fruits and veggies, the sun is out giving everyone that extra dose of vitamin D we all love, the beaches are packed, and being barefoot sounds much lovelier.

Let’s make this summer season even sweeter with the best desserts than will amazingly complement your favorite drinks and favorite moments. Chocolate macarons (or any macaron flavor, really), peach cobblers, and fresh strawberry pies are only some of the delicious treats we’ll be mentioning here.

Don’t wonder anymore what you’re eating for dessert, simply get reading and get delighted!

Three people are taking some French macarons from a box full of assorted French macarons. To the right is a Summer sleeve.

Of Course, French Macarons

Are our ultimate favorites (duh!). And what’s best is that throughout the whole season you’ll be able to enjoy our spectacular Summer Collection that’s full of marvelously delicious and beautiful boxes. They will add that extra colorful and sweet touch to all your favorite plans!

Whether you’re craving some chocolate macarons, fruity and tart ones, or aromatic and extra-funky ones, you’ve got them all here.

Believe us, your friends and family will not believe their eyes once they see you taking out some of these boxes… or even pyramids! Check them out now and order yours before they’re gone. And if you’re wondering “where are the best French macarons near me?” they’re right by your side (hopefully).

Want to pair your goodies with your favorite drinks? Read our Perfect Drinks to Pair With Macarons blog.

A strawberry pie has a spatula in front and some strawberries to the left.

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Fresh Strawberry Pies

There’s not a better season to make truly fresh strawberry pies than summer. The local farmer’s markets are filled with fresh produce, and that means fresh strawberries all around.

Make the most of this sunny time by supporting the local merchants and making the best strawberry pie ever! Check out this great recipe and cook it beside your loved ones.

A male hand is holding an ice cream cone that has a Honey Lavender French macaron in it.

Refreshing Mango Sorbet

Just perfect for a hot day under the sun. A must for this summertime, this delicious mango sorbet recipe can be made with no sugar, no dairy, and with some easy-to-find & common-to-have ingredients.

A real refresher for kids and adults alike, they’re awesome to take in a cooler to the beach, the pool, the park, or wherever you’re headed to.

A tray full of peach cobbler has a spoon and two bowls to its right. One of the bowls is full of peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

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So Easy, So Peach Cobbler

Packed with sweet, super juicy, and fresh peaches, top this spectacular peach cobbler recipe with a big ball of ice cream. This recipe can be made in just 15 minutes and it can be either a healthy treat or a fully-packed dessert (sugar, honey, tons of ice cream… we love it).

Three assorted popsicles are on top of a white plate with some paint on it.

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Popsicles and More Popsicles!

What we love most about popsicle recipes is that the possibilities are endless! You can make them with almost any fruit or even vegetables (where’s our fitness people at?), with or without dairy, in a ton of shapes, and everyone loves them.

Out favorites are any-berry ones: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, red currants, white currants, and blackcurrants. Pop in there some cherries and go all out!

A smiling girl is eating a French macaron.

When it comes to ways to sweeten up your summertime, there are a loooot of options. We’ve rounded up here the ones we think are the best.

Also—to end this mouthwatering blog in the best tone—if you’re in New York and are looking for the BEST summer plans we’ve got you covered. And if you want to truly enjoy the season outdoors, check out our Want to Upgrade Your Summer Picnic Spread? blog.

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