Want to upgrade your summer picnic spread?

Make the most of your picnic experience with French macarons!

Warm days at the park, at the beach, at home, or just anywhere are so amazing after such a cold winter… and a whole year stuck at home.

How do we choose to celebrate this delicious warmth? With a fantastic picnic spread at the park! And because we love, love, love to take everything to the next level and make it as fine and as premium as it can be, we fill our baskets with nothing but the best: spectacularly flavorful French macarons!

Want to upgrade your picnic spread with us? Just read on 😉 and never again ask yourself “where’s the macaron place nearest to me”.

3 smiling women dressed in white are sitting on top of a white picnic mantle while holding a glass of wine and French macarons in their hands. Behind them are trees and green nature


First of all…

Meet our delicious flavors! We have a wide variety of astounding macaron tastes that will appeal to anyone.

Nutella, Mint Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate for the choco-lovers, Piña Colada perfect for giving your cocktails a fun twist, Raspberry, Lemon Meringue, and Strawberry for the ones who prefer fruity and tart flavors, aromatically yummy Honey Lavender & Rose macs, and sooo much more!

Go through all our macaron flavors right and choose your favorites.

A soft pink mantle and a green nature background features several Woops! Boxes from the Summer Collection, some cocktail umbrellas, a pink and a yellow cup, and an open box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors

Because we’re summer lovers here

We came up with a gorgeous Summer Collection full of yumminess and beauty. Our stunning boxes are bright, colorful, and the perfect complement to any picnic.

And we’re not just talking about macaron boxes, but also about macaron pyramids! Go above and beyond and make everyone go “WOW!” with some of our toweringly impressive figures, or choose your favorite boxes that will deliciously complement your park event.

A marble countertop features two bottles of wine, some yellow and pink flowers, two full cups of wine, and a Woops! Box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors


So how can you make it even better?

If you want to have a great picnic, choosing what you’re going to eat and drink is first and foremost (of course).

You can go through our favorite drinks to complement your delicious French macarons in this blog… be sure you’ll love them all.

You could also get some spectacular macaron stacks that’ll set your tastebuds alight with their huge arrange of flavors and beauty.

A white picnic mantle features a brown basket, a flower bouquet, and a cheese table with crackers, French macarons, and fruit


Apart from this

How do some delicious charcuterie boards sound? We know cheeses and macarons might sound weird, but believe us when we say: you’ll leave your guests (or just yourself) wide-eyed with delight once you pair these two together.

And why not end your picnic extra sweetly? If you’ve got guests, give them some tokens of love in the shape of French macaron favor boxes! The perfect sweet and tiny forget-me-not.

A white Woops! cart that is in a park is decorated with flowers and displays numerous French macarons. It has a woman standing behind who’s arranging some boxes

Choose that spot

And it’s easy-peasy, here’s a list of the best picnic spots in NYC:

And more that you can find right here.

Want to make it even better!?

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite macaron flavors, boxes, and pyramids, plus the drinks and the spot where you’re going… we’re going to tell you how to take it up a little notch further.

A light blue background features a pink Woops! Box full of assorted alfajores. Below it is a Woops! Lid with a golden ribbon and some alfajores lying around

We know French macarons can make any moment magical, delicious, joyful, and just better, but let us present you with our other family member that’s just as creamily spectacular as our macarons: our delicious alfajores!

They’re the richest South American sweets that are made up of two delicious buttery pastries that enclose the creamiest Argentinian dulce de leche to make up the most authentic alfajores you’ll ever have.

If you’ve never had them, now is the time to do so.

2 smiling women holding a purple Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors with a green nature background


No time for summer wasting, dearest Woopster! Grab your picnic mantle and basket, order some French macarons, and prepare everyone (and yourself, of course) to enjoy the most of these deliciously warm days.

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