Unveiling Love: Explore Our 2024 Valentine's Day Collection

Our macarons promise to make your celebrations extra sweet!

Love is in the air, and at Woops!, we’re thrilled to present our enchanting 2024 Valentine’s Day Collection that promises to make your celebrations extra sweet!

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, surprising a special someone, pampering your Galentine, or simply treating yourself, our thoughtfully curated assortment of Valentine’s Day candy is designed to capture the essence of love in every delightful bite.

: A stack of two French macaron boxes with Valentine’s Day sleeves surrounded by heart-shaped candies, macarons, and alfajores

French Macaron Stacks

Our lovely collection features two exquisite French macaron stacks, each a symphony of flavors and colors. 

The You Mac Me Crazy Signature Macaron stack includes a box of 18 and a box of 9 macarons with a delicious assortment of flavors. Our Spread The Love Stack features a box of 18 macarons and a box of and a delightful box of 12 Argentinian alfajores. 

Elevate your romantic gestures with these artfully crafted treats, blending the finest ingredients to create the loveliest experience for you—and your boo’s—taste buds. 

 A box full of three French macarons has a macaron box with a red and pink Valentine’s Day sleeve to the left. Above and below are some French macarons and flowers

Macaron Favor Boxes

For those seeking the perfect gesture of affection for coworkers or acquaintances, our Valentine’s Day favor boxes are a charming choice. Adorned with love-inspired designs, these boxes house a selection of our finest French macarons, carefully chosen to express the sentiments of the season. 

Our Sweet Amour favor boxes include 3 boxes of 3 macarons each filled with Strawberry Lemonade, Vanilla, and Nutella French macarons. Our other favor box option, All Kinds of Love, features 3 boxes of 5 macarons each filled with Dark Chocolate, Honey Lavender, Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Vanilla French macarons.

These bite-sized delights are a perfect way to convey your heartfelt emotions to multiple people who are important to you.

A box full of nine French macarons has a macaron box with a Valentine’s Day sleeve to the left. Surrounding them are some assorted alfajores, macarons, a paper hearts.

Boxes of French Macarons

Seven unique boxes of French macarons grace our Valentine’s Day Collection, each encapsulating a different facet of love. 

From the timeless elegance of Aromatically In Love to the playful charm of our Valentine’s Day Tasting Box, there’s a box to suit every taste and preference. Share the joy of Raspberry, or revel in the romantic allure of our Red Velvet—every box is a celebration of love’s diverse expressions.

A man holding a box full of French macarons has two other men to his sides.

Gifts for Men

Recognizing that love knows no gender, our collection includes gifts that are perfect for the men in your life. 

Surprise him with our bold and distinctive flavors, from the sweet Dulce de Leche to the savory delights of Caramel Fleur de Sel. Our Valentine’s Day gifts for men are a thoughtful way to show appreciation and celebrate the unique bond you share.

Choose only his favorites in our  Build Your Own Full Heart Box. Check out our flavor guide to get inspired!

A box full of five French macarons has a macaron box with a blue Valentine’s Day sleeve to the left. Lying around are some French macarons and tiny pink hearts.

Valentine’s Day Candy Delight

While traditional candies have their place, our Valentine’s Day Collection redefines the notion of sweet indulgence. Each French macaron is a miniature work of art, blending delicate textures with vibrant flavors.

A hand is holding a box of French macarons with a Valentine’s Day sleeve in front a place covered in curtains and yellow lights.

Whether it’s the blissful Strawberry Lemonade or the indulgent Nutella, our macarons transcend the ordinary, creating a memorable and sophisticated candy experience.

As you plan your Valentine’s Day celebrations, let us be your companion in creating moments of joy, connection, and sweetness. Our 2024 Valentine’s Day Collection is a testament to the art of love, offering an array of delectable treats that speak the language of the heart. Embrace the magic of this special day with our French macarons and alfajores—where every bite is a declaration of love.

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