The official Woops! flavor guide… with a twist

Our official flavor guide is here! Get delighted with the yummiest treats.

First of all, let’s make something clear: we’re absolute macaron colors & macaron flavors lovers here! Anything that tastes amazing can be made more colorfully beautiful through these delicate goodies, and believe us, we’re experts at increasing every taste’s potential.

At Woops! we’re constantly looking for ways to add new diverse, spontaneous, and uncommon flavors to our delicious menu while sticking to the classics that will always be popular among all.

If you’re a macaron lover too, please check out this spectacular flavor guide that will create a festival of flavors in your mouth, your tastebuds will go BOOM! Isn’t that the idea? Oh yes, it is!

Red-haired lady with a jean jacket holding a Cookies & Cream macaron in front of her right eye. Below, a table with a pink flowers vase, a cup of coffee, and a box of 6 macarons. Photo credits: @callie.winkelman


The classics

We know that trying new flavors is always amazing, but the classics will always be the classics. Who doesn’t love some good ol’ chocolate, vanilla, coffee, or pistachio flavors? We all do! But what if we give a twist to those delicious flavors and highlight their most exquisite hues?

Our classic Vanilla macaron flavor is unlike any other. It might be a deceptively simple taste, but it really is not. Hear us out: this delicious goodie is made with real vanilla beans and deliciously creamy Valrhona white chocolate ganache. There’s nothing artificial to it which means you’ll get a taste of pure and real vanilla. Yummy, right?

Woops! box of 6 macarons with Honey Lavender, Birthday Cake Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon Meringue, and Pistachio flavors with a flavor guide card on the right and a cup of black coffee on the left . Photo credits: @woopsnewtoncenter


On a darker note, our Dark Chocolate macaron flavor is made with 64% bittersweet dark chocolate, so believe us when we say it’s the real deal. Macaron featuring a delicious chocolate truffle? Check.

We’ve got coffee here as well! That delicious, hot liquid that somehow brings us all back to life after having a sip of it… we love it. Our Espresso Macchiato macaron is unlike any other you’ve ever tasted: its ganache is coffee-infused and it’s also topped with premium coffee beans, wow we know.

On a nuttier note, we’ve got our Pistachio macaron! Feel in Italy with our eye-catching, olive green Pistachio macaron that’s filled with the highest quality Italian pistachio paste and white chocolate ganache, yum.

Box of 12 fruit-flavored macarons in a white squared table with lemons, strawberries, and blueberries surrounding it.
Fruitily delicious!

Fruits are nature’s sweets and we looove them here. If you want to give your strawberries, blueberries, & lemons a twist, let us help you out.

Strawberries are sweet, juicy, and have a little bit of acidity, just like our exquisite Strawberry macaron. Its hot pink color will brighten any table and its delicious taste will always be a crowd-pleaser, plus it’s dairy-free.

And to give our delicious Strawberry mac a twist, we came up with a Strawberry Crème flavor that combines the richness of this ripe-red fruit and the creaminess of white chocolate ganache, we must say it’s amazing.

Female hand holding a 4 macarons tower of Birthday Cake, Strawberry Créme, Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry flavors. Photo credits: @nycmuncher


And to add some extra acidity to our macaron flavors we came up with 2 extremely delicious & colorful treats: Lemon Tart and Lemon Meringue.

They’re super bright and have the perfect balance between sweet, zesty, citrus, and creamy flavors. Want to surprise your guests at a party, or your loved ones with a spontaneously beautiful & delicious gift? Check these goodies out.

Besides these yummy sweets, we also have other fruity ones such as Raspberry and Blueberry Cheesecake which are absolutely delectable as well.

Woman with long, brown hair & smiling holding a Strawberry macaron close to the camera and on the other hand holding a purple Woops! box. Photo credits: @mayraderinger


You said what!?

We love to try new things and surprise all our amazing Woopsters every now and then. Let us create wonders for you and impress your tastebuds with some of our bestsellers which aren’t that common to find in macaron shape.

Pink Champagne, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Honey Lavender, Rose, Tiramisù, Birthday Cake, and more! These macarons are perfect as a just-because gift, to pamper yourself with some sweet deliciousness, or to brighten up any event.

Pink Woops! box of 18 macarons with an assortment of flavors. Photo credits: @kittykathealth


Whether you’re looking for the perfect party treat or the most delicious pick-me-up, check out our flavor guide with over 16 different options and delight yourself with our spectacular macaron flavors & macaron colors.

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