Why Woops! macarons are beyond

Looking for a spontaneous, beautiful, and delicious gift that can be shipped and arrive in perfect conditions?

Macarons are all about celebrating the special moments with your loved ones, or simply about enjoying life on a busy Monday by treating yourself to a just-because, delicious sweet.

Want to share the exquisite joy of eating the most delicious macarons outside of Paris? Worry no more, because we’re here to help. If you can’t see your loved ones given the circumstances, or if that special someone is on the other side of the country, order macarons online! It’s as simple as a click.

Take the stress out of gifting with Woops! and browse through our spectacular gift and flavor assortments, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Blonde girl with a strawberry macaron. Credits: @browtowngirls


Want to surprise someone? Easy, gift Woops! Macarons

Unlike a chocolate cake or pastries, our macarons don’t lose their freshness or shape when shipped. So, if you’re looking for the perfect long-distance gift, Woops! is the way to go.

Whether if it’s a baby shower present, a birthday gift, or a just-because token of love, your special-someones will always receive exquisite macarons that (besides eye-catching, having outstanding flavors, and being mouth-watering) will always arrive in Insta-worthy & charming packagings that’ll leave them speechless!

And, to make matters better, when ordering our macarons online, you can even tailor your gift to your preferences. What’s not to love?

Are Woops! macarons a good product to ship as a gift?

Oh, yes! They most definitely are. In Woops! we take extra precautions so your macarons arrive in pristine condition to your hands: they’re carefully placed in a protective clamshell and, throughout their journey, they’re chilled in special packaging so they reach home as fresh as a daisy!

Did you know our sweets can last for up to 3 weeks!?

If you want to lengthen the incredible experience of eating Woops! macarons for more than 5 or 7 days, then freeze up those little bundles of deliciousness! They’re spectacularly flavorful when served at room temperature, so if you’ve got them in the freezer and want them just-baked style, give them 30 minutes to reach room temperature, and yum! Eat’em up Woops! style (AKA with a delicious drink in hand!)

And no worries, whether you bought your macarons near you or online, their awesome & top-notch quality will always be intact.

Woops! Tasting Box of 18 macarons. Credits: @hungryjayqualin


Keep the stakes high with spectacularly premium desserts

Since the very beginning, quality has consistently been our top priority. From our incredible customer & shipping service to our gorgeous packaging, and our macaron ingredients and flavors, everything will always be top-level!

Our macarons are made with ultra-premium Valrhona white-chocolate ganache, they’re larger than average size, made with carefully selected ingredients only, and so much more. We’ll always strive to offer our clients the best, so be sure that with Woops! you’ll never go wrong.

Macarons in a heart plate with Valentine's decoration around Credits: @missbulis

The cherry on top: see what some of our customers have to say

“‘Woops! I ate too many macarons’, says me, every single time I am here… I love Woops! Bakeshop, and feel like their macarons stand a cut above the rest. This statement is bold for a person like me, who isn’t a sweets person, and definitely hits a sugar max really quick. I can’t resist…” – Hannah M.

“I honestly was not expecting these macarons from @bywoops to be this good. Because they ship nationwide I thought that the texture and flavor would not be decadent. HOWEVER, it was AMAZING. I loved their Caramel Fleur de Sel and Blueberry Cheesecake the most. The texture was chewy and the flavors were creamy and rich.” – Melissa C.

Honey Lavender, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate macarons. Credits: @ingridbrown_


So if you’re ever asking yourself “where to buy macarons online or near me?” or “what should I gift my dad, grandma, BFF, or lover?”, wonder no more and go for Woops! Let us help you bring an awesome experience into your life’s special occasions & to the little moments by yourself or with those who make your life much sweeter.

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