Best Father’s Day Corporate Gifts

Premium & thoughtful Father’s Day corporate gifts to improve your retention strategy.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and soon, you’ll get to celebrate one of the most important men in your team—dads. Be the better company and make this day the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to your dad-ployees.

Why not take Father’s Day as an excellent opportunity to really show the dads of your team (and why not fatherly figures, as well) how grateful you are for their efforts?  And if you’re not sure of how you can accomplish this, our top-notch gifting experts are always here to make any occasion the best it can be.

Three smiling men sharing a Woops! box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors

If you’re looking for Father’s Day corporate gift ideas, the first thing you must think about is getting something that will fit every type of dad… you can’t seriously expect every male audience to be equal. Your father-employees are all unique in their way: they have different lifestyles, personalities, ages, sweets preferences, and more.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t just order anything that comes to mind. Pause, think, and let us help you out by reading this blog (and by contacting us).

A light green background features an opened Woops! box of 36 assorted French macarons. Below it is a Woops! lid with a golden ribbon, to the right is a Woops! “Thank You” greeting card and some empty space.

Customization is the new black

If there’s something that we’re sure of, is that customized corporate gifts and custom macarons will always dazzle. Nothing says “I really took my time and thought this through” than some customized gifts. Allude to your dad-ployees sweet senses and taste buds with premium French desserts that will set their bellies alight.

We know that fathers aren’t about prettiness and gorgeousness, but they are all about excellent, top-notch, and premium tastes. Get past their eyes and let them find the most awesome, fine, and sweet French macarons they’ll ever have inside one of our boxes.

A smiling man with a blue T-shirt and a hat is holding two Strawberry French macarons to his eyes.

And to make matters better, you can customize both your macarons and your boxes! One great idea is to compile a series of funny phrases, funny dad jokes, or just some funny words used by your team’s fathers and print them on top of our macs or boxes.

Believe us: you’ll leave a lasting impression and your gratitude message will come across just right. Explore our customization & gifting catalogs and get ready for inspiration to come to you.

A man with a green T-shirt is sitting on a bicycle while holding a French macaron. In the bicycle’s basket is a purple Woops! Box of 18 macarons.
Stay top of mind!

The typical chocolates, tie, or pie are so last year and are doomed to be stored in a drawer. If you want to get something pre-made but that can still stun & dazzle, then you’re in the right place: explore our premium Father’s Day Collection full of a wide variety of flavors, extreme succulency, and the finest French desserts.

Don’t “go ask their mother” what you should get them and instead take a look at the coolest Dad’s Day macaron boxes around: tasting boxes full of all our extremely delicious classic & seasonal flavors, boxes that you can build yourself with any arrange of tastes you prefer, a box perfect for the chocolate lovers, one for those that are all about aromatic flavors, and more.

A smiling guy is behind a Woops! bakeshop counter and is surrounded by assorted desserts and French macarons.

Get in touch with our mac-nificent Woops! gifting experts that will always be there to lend a helping hand. And don’t worry about logistics ‘cause we can also assist you throughout the whole gifting process: choosing what you’d like to gift, customizing, multiple-address shipping, and more.

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