Woops! French Macarons on Your Favorite Platforms

Get your French macarons delivered within minutes!

We’re always working towards being nearer to you. For this reason, we wanted to create a blog to let you know the major food and e-commerce platforms where you can find our spectacular French macarons, alfajores, and cremebellos, among others (this varies depending on your nearest location).

Whether you’re looking for macarons in New York, Boston, Scottsdale, Philadelphia, and so on, grab your phone, open your preferred platform, and look for us! Hopefully, we’ll be right at your doorstep in no time.

Now onto the good stuff… where is it that you can find us?

A box full of assorted French macarons is resting on top of a picnic blanket. A female hand is grabbing a French macaron.


The world’s biggest e-commerce that we all love. In our Woops! Amazon Store you’ll be able to find assorted French macaron boxes, pyramids, and specialty gifts. What’s best is that you can get them delivered anywhere!

The most important thing is to make sure that your macarons are delivered within 2 days to ensure they arrive in their freshest state.

Here’s more information about our product’s shipping and care!

A Woops! french macarons box has a numerous assorted cremebellos to its left.


We love to deliver the best French macarons outside of Paris in minutes! DoorDash is a food delivery and takeout platform that provides the best of your neighborhood on-demand.

Open the app and look for us! With Woops! in DoorDash you’ll be able to get a single macaron, French macaron boxes, pyramids, and cremebello boxes. You can either get your goodies delivered or pick them up.

A box full of assorted French macarons is being held in front of the NYC skyline.


We’re going all out on UberEats, Woopsters! This amazing platform is available throughout the whole country, and if you’re lucky enough to have a Woops! near you, they’ll make the enjoyment of our French macarons possible for you in no time.

UberEats will catch your location as soon as you log in and the first thing you gotta do is write “Woops!” in the search bar… let’s cross our fingers and hope that you have one nearby.

If you do, you’ll be able to enjoy a single macaron, economy boxes (made of cardboard and with 6 or 12 French macarons), and premium boxes (gorgeous, reusable boxes of 3, 9, 18, 27, and 36 macs).

3 Woops! cookies with assorted flavors are stacked.

You can also delight yourself with macaron pyramids (that you can build yourself), cremebellos, alfajores, cookies, sweet and gorgeous French macaron stacks, combo boxes (they include tea 😍), sweet combo stacks (the sweetest mix between cookies, macarons, and brownie bites!), and more.

Gosh UberEats, you really hit it out of the park!

4 French macaron pyramids with assorted flavors and sizes are on top of a white table.


Who doesn’t love GrubHub? The ultimate “I’m so hungry and don’t want to cook” people savior. This amazing food platform gives you for free your first delivery and has so many amazing food options to choose from… including our incredible Woops! French macarons.

Some common questions we get on GrubHub are:

  • Can you customize your order when ordering online Woops!? Some menu items at Woops! come with a certain set of customization options. If you have a food request that isn’t listed, you can always make note of it in the “Special Instructions” field.
  • Does it cost extra to get food delivery from the Woops! near me? Some restaurant chains and locations set an order minimum for food delivery. Others don’t. For more info about your food costs, check the menu of the Woops! near you.
  • Does Woops! have contact-free delivery? Yes, for your protection, Woops! offers contact-free delivery via Grubhub.

A stack of 2 French macaron boxes are being held in front of a purple door.


Powered by GrubHub, everyone. 🤩 You can find Woops! French Macarons in Seamless at Allston, Auburndale, Belmont, Bethany, Boston, Brentwood, Brighton, Brookline, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Chandler, Chestnut Hill… and we’re very, very popular around these locations, by the way.

Apart from these cities, you can also find us out and about in Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas! Pick your favorite French macaron, cookies, cremebellos, and alfajores assortments and enjoy them in minutes.

A mom and her child are sharing a box full of assorted French macarons while resting on a picnic blanket.


To ensure everyone has the possibility to enjoy our super-premium French macarons, we’ve made sure to make ourselves available on the most popular platforms around the country, including Woops! In Caviar.

Get the most delightful French macarons, brownies, cookies, gift boxes, Belgian waffles, and pyramids delivered to your door. Time to search if there’s a location near you and enjoy the freshest and most delicious macs outside of Paris right now!

A woman taking a selfie has two French macaron boxes with assorted flavors in front of her.

Disclaimer: always bear in mind that the offered products may vary depending on the platform and the location.

Now grab your cellphone, tablet, or computer, and look for us! If you can’t find us, leave us a message and we’ll do our best to become a part of what you love most. ❤️

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