2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and we’re here for it

Celebrate this Lunar New Year with our spectacular collection!

A new year has begun and it’s none other than the one of the self-confident, fierce, and brave tiger! It’s the second time we’ve joined this incredible Asian festivity full of gift-giving, well-wishing, and delicious sweet-eating… and we couldn’t be happier.

Come and meet our spectacular Lunar New Year Collection full of mouthwatering French macarons, stunning colors, such as red, yellow, and gold (for that extra touch of luckiness) plus so much beauty and flavor.

A box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors has a box of French macarons with a Lunar New Year sleeve to its left, and some oranges and red envelopes lying around.

Make your own choices <3

We love to let our Woopsters make their own choice of flavors, which is why we decided to include a Build Your Own Year of the Tiger box in our stunning collection!

Remember that this year’s lucky colors are green, yellow, red & blue, so head to our flavor guide that’s full of mouthwatering macaron tastes and lucky colors so you can create your box your own way and wish your loved ones the best on this 2022.

An opened French macaron box with assorted flavors has a box of 18 French macarons with a Lunar New Year sleeve to its right, and some red envelopes and oranges lying around.

So many colors in the sky!

Who doesn’t love to see the firework’s colors in the sky? No one! And to honor the traditional Chinese firecrackers we came up with a spectacular box as colorful as they are: our Firecrackers & 2022 Tasting Box!

This amazing box comes full of all our classic and seasonal macaron flavors that will surely be loved by kids and adults alike. Time to bring something spontaneously delicious to the table, right?

A French macaron stack is surrounded by some assorted French macarons.

Time to stack it up

As the old saying goes, the more the merrier! Let’s kickstart the year with our amazingly stunning Lunar Calendar Small Stack of luxurious macaron boxes filled with this year’s lucky colors!

This amazing stack includes a box of 9 macarons with Pistachio, Lemon Meringue, Red Velvet, and Birthday Cake French macarons plus a gorgeous Tasting Box of 18 macarons with all our flavors.

It’s just perfect for sharing with friends, family, neighbors, and even with your colleagues. Let’s give this 2022 the most premium and delicious flavors to welcome a year full of fortune, blessings, and luck!

A girl is holding a Rose French macarons to her eye, a woman is holding a French macaron box with a Lunar New Year sleeve and on top of it a tiered tray with some French macarons on it.


And don’t worry, Woopster

We’re very aware that we’re not 100% back to normality yet, the pandemic is still going on and the Omicron variant hasn’t made it easy for anyone. If you can’t get together with your loved ones this Lunar New Year, you can still send them your best wishes through a stunning box of French macarons box that you can order online! Exquisite macaron delivery? You got it.

All our goodies are sent via one or two-day shipping service, with protective clamshells, and between comfy air pillows so everyone can get the freshest macarons when they hit their doors.

An opened box of 9 French macarons is surrounded by several French macaron boxes with Lunar New Year sleeves.
Some last tips for this year’s Lunar New Year gifting!

Some things you should always remember when giving Lunar New Year gifts: remove the price tag, always give your gifts in a box or bag and with both hands, & begin your gift-giving with the oldest person in the room. Express your heart’s true feelings and good thoughts through perfect gifts for this occasion, and let us help you add a little more exquisiteness to this spectacular tradition. We wish you all tons of good luck and fortune in 2022!

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