Keep your team motivated from home (with macarons)!

Nothing like having truly happy & engaged employees.

Many companies have decided to bring back their employees to the office, but many others are not yet prepared to do so and much less taking into consideration the Delta variant.

If you’re finding yourself unprepared to bring your team back, then take this opportunity to boost your team’s morale with a series of tips—and keep them motivated despite the circumstances—by having them engaged and happy through some premium and memorable macaron boxes… and yes, we can take care of everything for you 😉

Box of 12 French macarons with assorted flavors being held by a smiling woman with a gray apron from Woops!

Remote working is the new black

And this isn’t a secret to anyone. The pandemic has revolutionized the workplace and teams are changing the way in which they are both communicating and working.

It’s not easy to make an estimate of how many companies have embraced remote work, but if you’re a part of these numbers, don’t worry because you can still keep your employees tightly knit together despite the distance.

And to give you a tad bit of tranquility, Insider recently shared the decision 21 major companies in the US took regarding remote working… and just so you know, nope, you’re definitely not alone in your decision to stay home.

A box filled with French macarons next to a customized sleeve from Woops! with a golden ribbon next to a plant in a pot
Still, how to keep on making it work from home?

First and foremost, give your employees a sense of belonging. The Wall Street Journal suggested that one crucial factor that distinguishes successful companies from not-so-successful companies is that they make their employees really feel like they belong.

And although we’ve all become a little bit more adjusted to the pandemic and to this new way of living and working, it’s still super important to inculcate something that will truly be prized by your employees: a sense of belonging, security, support, guidance, and trust.

What will this mean to you? A crucial condition for fostering your team’s creativity, innovation, and most importantly, happiness.

A Woops! French macaron bakeshop counter surrounded by pastries, macaron boxes, and bakeshop utensils with a smiling woman standing behind it.

Communication, communication, and more communication

We can’t say it enough. Remember that if your overall communication strategy isn’t successful, then engaging (for REAL) your team will be practically… mission impossible 7.

How can you add effort and prioritize your relationships with -and among- your employees? The employee communications platform, Smarp, has a thorough guide that can help you on this super important task.

French macaron boxes, pastries, and bakeshop utensils accompanied by a smiling woman and man with Woops! aprons in a bakeshop.

Check-in on them!

The pandemic has played a huge (for many, not-so-good) role in everyone’s mental health. Check-in on your employees well being as much as possible: frequent “how are you feeling today?” goes a long way.

Don’t let your team feel disconnected from you and make yourself available to them whenever they might need you. Also, don’t wait for them to speak up because it might be too late then… in reality, many of them will never decide to raise their voice themselves.

An opened Woops! box full of assorted French macarons, surrounded by several customized box sleeves with logos and gold ribbons.

You knew this was coming 🙂

Trust us on this: some macaron boxes will always (ALWAYS!) raise anyone’s spirits. Some beautiful, delicious, and premium sweets will go a long way into making your employees feel close to you and to your business.

Corporate gifts have been proved to create a sense of connection to the giver (yeah, you) and can create a positive association with a person or brand.

“Companies and marketers have long relied on the power of gifting to show appreciation for their employees when used as part of your overall marketing or employee retention efforts, gifting can be highly effective in terms of ROI and satisfaction” as per assured by Sendoso, a leading Sending Platform which helps companies stand out by giving them new ways to engage with customers & employees.

Big trays filled with assorted French macarons and several Woops! stacks with gold ribbons holding them together.

Need anymore?

Keep your team close, engaged, satisfied, and happy through communication, a sense of belonging, by checking in on them, and with French macarons! If you want to surprise your amazing employees, surprise them with something that can truly convey your true message of appreciation, esteem, and gratitude packed in a gorgeous corporate gift box and delivered right to their doorstep.

Custom favor boxes of 3 French macarons with a white note and a dark blue ribbon. Beside them are several customized French macarons with assorted flavors.

Don’t wait anymore and get in touch with us, we’ll help you come up with something truly outstanding that will make your whole team smile in delicious delight.

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