Make your ice cream better with French macarons

Who said ice cream and macarons don’t match well? Let us show what creamy deliciousness is about!

We adore French macarons (of course), but we also address & recognize the deliciousness of ice cream.

For this reason, we decided we want you to make this creamy dessert so much better with our mouthwatering macaron flavors & to make this match a special, memorable, and mega delicious occasion.

A hot pink background features some ice cream cones, vanilla ice cream, vanilla sticks, and Vanilla French macarons

Why macarons and ice cream?

There are many reasons why macarons match perfectly well with ice cream. The coldness and creaminess of ice cream create a delicious contrast with the crispy, sweet, tart, and (also) creamy sensations of French macarons.

Just imagine this:  your favorite ice cream topped with macarons in diverse flavors that you will pile with creaminess and then bite… yep, it’ll be a rave of sensations in your mouth.

An ice cream cup that’s on top of a red table features a Birthday Cake French macaron.
Now the best part

Because we want your ice cream x French macarons experience to be as awesome as it can be, we’ll give you some great ideas on how to best match them.

Chocolate lovers!

Our dearest choco-lovers are always on our minds. First of all, we want to let you know that our French macarons are made with world-class Valrhona chocolate! This means that they will always be extra melt-in-your-mouth creamy, yum we know.

Our Nutella and Dark Chocolate macarons are sooo tasty and go perfectly with a white chocolate ice cream, a vanilla chocolate swirl, or with an all classic chocolate cream.

We’ve also got a Chocolate Lovers box full of Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, and Caramel Fleur de Sel that you can match with any berry, sweet, and chocolate ice cream flavor.

A male hand is holding an ice cream cone with a Lemon Tart French macarons on top. A street with parked cars serves as background.
But if you’re more of a fruit lover

Then you need to have a taste of our Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Lemon Meringue goodies. These macaron flavors go perfectly with sweet vanilla or vanilla old-style ice creams.

Plus, we’ve got a box specially designed for those who prefer nature’s goodies: our Get Fruity macaron box! Get yours right now and go pick up that ice cream to fruit up your day.

A male hand is holding an ice cream cone with two scoops of ice cream and a Honey Lavender French macaron.
Everything first enters through…

The eyes, this is why all our sweets are so spectacularly beautiful. Some of the most gorgeous sweets you’ll ever get to see & taste are our Honey Lavender French macarons. 

Match this mouthwatering goodie with something as aromatic as it is: pistachio, rum & raisins, dulce de leche, lemon poppyseed, or even coffee bean ice cream. We promise you won’t regret it.

A male hand is holding an ice cream cone filled with vanilla ice cream and a Honey Lavender French macaron & a Mint Chocolate French macaron.

Other options we’ve got for you:
  • Caramel Fleur de Sel and Cookies and Cream macarons with dark chocolate ice cream
  • Tiramisu macarons with salty caramel ice cream
  • Pistachio and Red Velvet macarons with (why not) a sweet cherry ice cream
  • Strawberry Lemonade macarons with a lemon ice cream

And we’ve got more French macaron flavors where you can choose from! Apart from this, take a look at some of our favorite ice cream places.

A woman in a light blue dress is holding six French macarons with different flavors in her hands.
No time to waste, Woopster!

Summer’s here and there’s no better time to make the most of it than now. Order your spectacular French macarons now and match them with ice cream to stun and impress all your loved ones on any day and at any time.

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