Macaron boxes for any & every occasion

All moments can be made better with beautiful macaron boxes!

As some say: every day should be celebrated as if it were the last one, and we’re very aware of that. If you’re on the lookout for something that can complement all your big or tiny moments, then this blog is what you’re looking for. Get to know our spectacular Everyday Occasion macaron boxes that will undoubtedly add sweet delicious flavors and colors to your life. And to make it all better for you: you can order your macarons online here!

Two little boys are hugging while looking at a Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with a pink “I Love You” sleeve


The sweetest I love you’s”

Being able to show love is one of life’s biggest gifts. No matter if it’s in the shape of a kiss, a hug, or a spectacular macaron box, to say ‘I love you’ will always add a sweet touch to anyone’s life.

We believe that every moment is a good one to express your heart’s true feelings! And we’re sure that one of our spectacular I Love You boxes will make any important person in your life smile with cozy delight.

An aquamarine Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors has a “Congratulations” sleeve and flowers lying around


“For your graduation”, “for getting that job”, “for moving to the house of your dreams”, “for getting your own car”, “for getting through a tough day”, and so much more.

Add a sweet touch to any bravo!-moment with our stunning Congratulations macaron boxes, we promise you’ll always play it safe since they’re all so irresistible and full of spectacular flavors and colors.

A “Just Because” flowere sleeve with a green Woops! Box of 18 assorted French macarons and some printed macarons and confetti around

Any day is a good day…

To receive a macaron box! Surprise your best friend, neighbor, mom, husband, or kids with something that will add a delicious touch to their day: sweet, beautiful, and colorful goodies (yep, we’re talking about macarons here of course).

If there is anything greater than receiving a gift, it’s being surprised with a just because gift… Therefore, meet our mac-nificent Just Because macaron boxes! The perfect way to say “I’m grateful for you any day, any time, and at any moment”.

Two Woops! green boxes of 18 French macarons with Vanilla, Honey Lavender, and Caramel Fleur de Sel macarons and some purple flowers in the middle

“Pretty please,

Forgive me”. We know that saying “I’m sorry” isn’t always easy, but we can definitely help you out in lightening the mood. Make that person smile with your apologies and with some delicious I’m Sorry macaron boxes in hand… expect an “apology accepted” ;).

A white background with pink decorations features two Woops! Boxes of 9 French macarons. One box has a white sleeve with a golden ribbon and the other is opened and has Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Rose flavors inside. Several printed macarons are lying around.

There are many big and small moments that you can complement with the sweetest & most delicious sweets around: baby showers, weddings, moments full of gratefulness, birthdays, corporate events, and so much more!

Green and dotted Woops! boxes of 6 and 12 assorted French macarons

Explore our entire Everyday Occasion boxes and go through our yummy flavors to get inspired, we promise you’ll never regret adding these goodies into your life. Order your macarons online now or get in touch with us, we’ll always be here to lend a helping hand.

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