All The Little Moments With Woops!

Make life’s little moments more memorable with our French macarons.

We want to tell you that 2020 has taught us something: that the true meaning of life lies within the little moments. A good conversation with your mom, laughing uncontrollably with your couple, a cup of coffee made just right, a sweet hug from your kid, to gift delicious macarons and make someone’s day, a joyous ‘Good Morning!’ from your neighbor, or singing alongside them during the quarantine; those types of moments create the memories of a person, place or time. 

Life can be magical, so why not choose to enjoy all the little things and make the most of them? While the past year was difficult, now more than ever it’s important to look for and enjoy all the small moments and the special occasions that surround us.

Mother and baby with blue and pink Woops! macarons


But it’s important to take a moment to reflect on and feel gratitude for all that has happened and all that continues happening. Doing so can help you be happier! Being thankful for the small stuff in our lives can improve our moods and our relationships as well.

By gifting macarons you can deliver a warm message of ‘thank you because you made me smile on a bad day!’, ‘I love you for telling me I can get through anything’, or ‘Just because I enjoy your company’.

Those little details are the main course of our everyday existence. Let us help you give more meaning to the little moments through delicious French macarons!


And about being grateful for the tiny moments that make your life more special. Laughter, your favorite song coming up on the radio, ending an awesome book, or crossing off items on your to-do list, all these make life a little bit more wonderful.

Pampering and spoiling yourself is an important part of this journey. Enjoy that delicious ‘Just Because’ French macaron box you love, celebrate that personal accomplishment, go for a run, or hug yourself, the options are endless!


Last year made us conclude that life isn’t about the big, out-there occasions and festivities, but about making life special by focusing on the importance of smaller things.

Every day we’re proud of being a part of an industry that can help people turn every minute into something special through mouthwateringly beautiful French macarons. An I Love You, Thank You, Congratulations, or even an I’m Sorry macaron box can make any moment an unforgettable one.

Blonde lady laughing with coffee and Woops! French macarons

We hope to continue helping all of our clients create beautiful memories through exquisite French macarons that are perfect for any occasion, we’ll always keep offering great customer service and a delicious experience to all, and most importantly, we’ll keep doing everything we do with love and gratitude, plus lots of excitement for what’s coming next.

Little red-haired girl smiling and eating a Woops! macaron

We wish 2021 brings many more of those cherished instants that make life sweeter, more lovely, and magical. Let’s appreciate those moments by taking into account the whats, the whens, and the whos.

There’s no better time than now to make life meaningful. Appreciate it all. The small stuff is what life is all about.

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