From our Woops! Family: Thank You!

We’re so grateful for having you, Woopster. Thank you for your support this 2020.

This year was as unexpected as it was tough. Woops! faced some unprecedented challenges, but with the help of our incredible community and their spectacular generosity, we were able to overcome them and keep on spreading sweetness with our macarons. 

When looking for ways to see things from a different perspective, one thing we might all do is take some moments from this busy season to reflect and feel gratitude for all that happened this year, even if some things were extremely challenging.

Pooja and Gal, two of our cofounders, with some macarons and a branded hoodie

This 2020 we learned that every challenge opens up new opportunities and that every obstacle takes you to places you didn’t expect.

Hurt and pain were felt since we had to say goodbye to important members of our Woops! family and we had to go through many changes. It became one of our top priorities to be able to keep offering our customers amazing service and a great shopping experience in new and creative ways. 

The cooperation and love between our Woops! locations and their communities were incredible. This, in turn, strengthened the relationship we have with our loyal customers.

We reached out as much as we could. Woops! franchisees, such as Coeur d’Alene, Main Gate, and Smith Haven, to mention just a few, made us extremely proud due to their heartwarming contribution during the pandemic to our healthcare heroes: the hardworking doctors and nurses in hospitals near them. We had the opportunity of seeing how some beautiful macarons could brighten someone’s day and create smiles despite the circumstances.

Lady with yellow hat in front of a macaron counter. Photo credits: @thrillofthechase208

So, we’ve concluded that it’s not just about big occasions and festivities, but about making every day special by focusing on the importance of smaller things. Saying “thank you for making dinner tonight”,  “thank you because you told me I’m strong and can get through anything”, or just because you let me cry when I needed it most. 

We’re so proud to be part of an industry that can help do that. We have the power to make people feel happy, important, and appreciated at any moment, and that’s what we continue to strive for in the coming years.


When the pandemic began, we were at the peak of our business; we were getting ready for one of our busiest years. As COVID-19 began to take force, we were faced with unknown territory. What became clear was that we had to figure out ways to survive and keep growing in this new hostile environment.

We’re so grateful to all of our Woops! franchisees, to our staff who is still with us, and also to those who we had to say goodbye to. We are hurting with each location that had to close its doors and for those whose fate is still unclear. We’ve had to change so many things and you have all adjusted amazingly with great commitment, strength, and most importantly, love.


In the end, we’re still here thanks to YOU. Woops! couldn’t have made it without the amazing support from all of our loyal customers who kept purchasing macs to spread love, happiness, and sweetness to those around them. You trusted us during this difficult year and made room for Woops! in your lives. We’ll continue doing all our best to keep offering the best French macarons, excellent service to all our customers, and to keep on spreading smiles and glee through beautiful, delicious treats.

Little boy with Lemon Tart and Rose macarons

What’s left to say is that we wish you all a Happy New Year and a mac-nificent 2021!

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