Here’s how you need to welcome back your team

Dazzle all your employees on their first day back with macarons!

As employees are slowly coming back to work after being more than a year and a half at home, many offices, companies, brands, and businesses are looking for ways in which they can make this transition easier and better for their team.

There’s been tension & doubts about how work will be from now on, which is understandable taking into consideration all of the people who have grown accustomed to laboring from home.

Two smiling women are standing behind a Woops! Counter that is filled with French macarons, macaron boxes of different sizes, and pastries

How can you make it easier for them?

Make this return to the office easier and enjoyable for everyone, and luckily for you, you aren’t alone! We’re right here to provide you with some useful tips (and macarons full of color and joy) on how to make this transition greater.

Two female hands are holding a green Woops! Box filled with assorted French macarons, that’s on top of a pink mantle. Beside it is a tiny plant pot.

Make that office shine!

If you have cubicles at your office, or if everyone has their personal desk, then make sure that everything is spotless, clean, organized, and why not, surprise everyone with a stunning, eye-catching, and beautiful box of colorful macarons!

Trust us on this: there’s nothing less welcoming than a messy environment, and much more if everybody was rushed out of the office when the pandemic began.

A marble countertop features two hands holding a Woops! Premium favor box filled with 3 French macarons. To the right are several pink boxes of 3 French macarons and to the left are 2 big trays filled with assorted macarons.

Never not a good time for some thoughtful gifts

No time for those boring chocolates & cupcakes. Make this return fun, memorable, & unique. For the past year and a half the world (definitely) changed, and it was all so extremely sudden and unanticipated.

On this back-to-the-office season, welcome back your team with the finest, most thoughtful, memorable, and majestic gifts: colorful French macaron boxes, that can of course be customized.

Take this opportunity to make those amazing people, who stuck with you through such a difficult time feel truly special with something that screams “I’m so glad you’re here”.

Several Woops! Customized boxes with different designs and colors are stacked on top of a white countertop.

Morning gatherings… with sweet benefits 😉

If your team has morning huddles where everyone can discuss their goals, expectations, preoccupations, and projects, then why not bring some sweet treats to make this time better?

Get some warm coffee & some goodies, such as French macarons from your nearest Woops! shop, and surprise them all! This gesture will surely create a more relaxed atmosphere and will help everyone get comfortable with meeting in groups again.

Help them out with their time management

Improve your team’s productivity and positivity by being open to having creative time management that will help build trust amongst everyone.

It’s always important to keep open the lines of communication and let them express their needs, and much more now that they’re facing changes and have to get once again accustomed to working in the office.

Complement this with some fun office activities that will strengthen the bond between everyone and will reassure the whole team of why this return is something everybody needs.

Two smiling women are looking at a cellphone camera while holding a Woops! Box of 12 French macarons with assorted flavors

Team building activities, you said?

Remember that getting accustomed to something new isn’t always easy, and much less after a pandemic. Your team has been working from home for a while now, and they have to get used again to laboring side by side with their coworkers.

Some team-building activities can be of great help when welcoming your employees back to the office, plus some fun is always welcome. The best part about this is that you will encourage a fun work environment and you can use this time to go over your company’s policies and any other new regulation without boring everyone to death.

Two hands are holding a red Woops! Box filled with 12 French macarons with assorted flavors.

There’s so much more you can do!

Get thinking of how you’ll make this return to the office the best it can be… and always remember that some colorful French macarons will always be the best and most thoughtful way in which you can transmit a message of true appreciation and esteem 😉

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