The best & most memorable ways to celebrate Women’s Day!

Ready up for this important day with your ladies & macarons.

Before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s talk about this important day

We believe that all women should be free to be themselves, no matter the place & no matter the time. Still, throughout history women have felt the pressure to act—and even think—a certain way. Thankfully, for over 100 years International Women’s Day (IWD) has made it possible for them to be recognized for their efforts, dedication, challenges, struggles, and achievements, therefore enabling a positive change around their rights and the promotion of equality.

This year’s IWD theme is all about breaking the bias, about imagining a world where there are no contrasts between genders, no stereotypes, and discriminations, and where the differences that make each of us unique and irreplaceable are celebrated. Use the hashtag #BreakTheBias on your social media to join this movement!

A smiling woman is standing in front of a French macaron boutique kiosk.

Diversity and multiculturalism are our essences

We’re always inspired by our inclusivity that is reflected through who we are: a highly dedicated team made of 90% women with a vast international background and all kinds of culinary traditions. It’s mainly because of this that we like to celebrate this day as it should be: in the company of our favorite ladies, and why not? Enjoying some spectacular French macarons (that are awesome as an unexpected IWD gift).

If you’d like to read more about our amazing team of women, their roles, and a little bit about their backgrounds, check out our Women in Business, Women in Woops! blog.

Now, let’s start talking about how you can commemorate this day and celebrate with your favorite girls. 💕

A smiling woman is standing in front of a graffitied wall while holding a French macaron to her eye and a French macaron box on her other hand.

At home, online, or somewhere fun, celebrate this day by wearing (and eating!) purple

Purple is IWD’s official color, so why not make a fun get-together where the dress code is purple? Purple hair, purple makeup, purple clothes… and even purple food. If you’d like to add a super delicious, luxurious, and premium touch to your celebration, pamper your ladies by sending them delicious gift boxes full of French macarons!

Several Peanut Butter & Jelly French macarons have some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches to their right. Smeared around is some jelly and peanut butter.

Our Women’s Day Build Your Own Box lets you choose your favorite flavors, so if you want to keep the purple theme up, fill’em up with Honey Lavender and Peanut Butter & Jelly French macarons… they’re the best purple thing you’ll ever have a taste of. 😉

The faces of several important women in history have a red sign at the middle that says “women’s history month”.

Choose your favorite female character and speak about her

There are a lot of women in history that have played incredibly important roles in society, but whose achievements haven’t been as recognized as they should be.

Tell your ladies to pick their favorite, life-changing female in history and gather together to talk about them. Each of you should have a space to introduce and speak about their she-roe.

Some of our favorite ladies are Sojourner Truth, Anne Frank, Margaret Hamilton, Jane Austen, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Jane Kendeigh, Susan Ahn Cuddy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hildegard of Bingen, Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Simone Biles, and so many more.

Research and get to know, read, talk, admire… and love them.

A pair of female hands are painting some red figures on top of a French macaron shell. Lying around are some French macarons, a box of 6 French macarons, and some markers.
A fun talent show!

We all have that hidden something we’re really good at and that our friends might not know about.

Well, a talent show on IWD is the perfect opportunity to show the world how extra awesome you are! Encourage your girlfriends and family to showcase some of their talents and likes: singing, storytelling, photography, painting, drumming, baking, and so on.

We’re surrounded by superwomen everywhere who somehow manage to juggle a huge amount of responsibilities at once along with being oh so talented, so sometimes a stage is all they need. Surprise them and make this a Women’s Day for the books.

A smiling boy with a red t-shirt is holding a Dark Chocolate French macaron in his mouth. To his side is a smiling girl with a black & white t-shirt.

Don’t forget the kids

Keep it fun and friendly for all of the awesome girls (and boys as well) who look up to the big women in their lives.

Make this day interactive & didactic for them and include games such as a bingo designed around influential women in history, or you can also read fun books that talk about women and that promote girl power amongst young children.

You can also give them a space to talk about their own desires, struggles, feelings, and what they expect of the future. Let’s pave the way for the superwomen & supermen of tomorrow by opening up spaces where they can talk it all out and learn to respect each other from a young age. ❤️ 

Several women are sitting together while reading.

©Bookish – NetGalley

Host a reading with books written by women

VIDA, a non-profit, intersectional feminist literary organization, conducted a survey in 2019 about gender disparities in the literary community. It found that only “two major literary periodicals in the USA published 50% or more women in 2019, and one of those periodicals is now defunct”*.

Knowing this, wouldn’t it be amazing to support all of the great women writers out there? Of course yes, so let’s host a reading!

Whether online or in-person, with the author or not, let’s work together to give more voice to those awesome, female writers who deserve to be known by everyone, plus it’s a great chance to hear their words and to get to know their latest works.

*Source: VIDA – Women in Literary Arts.

Two smiling women are standing side by side while holding French macaron boxes in their hands.
Gift giving!

Who doesn’t love unexpected gifts? Even though IWD isn’t known as a gift-giving holiday, you can mark a difference and make it be one!

If you want to dazzle and pamper your favorite ladies with something memorable & spectacular, then some macaron gift boxes from our Women’s History Collection are what you’re looking for.

We have 3 spectacular boxes that will fit all your wants, needs, and desires, explore them and order yours now before they run out. All your girls will be delighted and surprised with such thoughtful, beautiful, and mouthwatering goodies.

A smiling woman is holding two French macarons on one hand and on the other a French macaron box with a purple "You're Such an Inspiration" sleeve. 

Make this day as awesome as it can be by giving more voice to a cause as important as this one, so let’s acknowledge and recognize how awesome, powerful, incredible, and admirable every single woman is. How can you make it even better? With some of our stunning Women’s Day macaron gift boxes, the perfect final touch to a perfect day.

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