Women in business, women in Woops!

Female empowerment + diversity = Woops!

We know Women’s Day isn’t just about one day, but about every single day. We’re extremely proud of having a team that’s full of incredible, success-driven, and strong women who’ve made it possible for Woops! to rise up against all difficulties.

Besides being a company that’s majorly led by women, we’re happy to have a very diverse work team: ladies from different cultures, nationalities, ages, and both personal and professional backgrounds.

Want to know more about the amazing group of females that make up Woops!? Get yourself some macarons and read on to learn more.

Woops! macarons in an event cart with a woman sitting on the floor and another woman behind

Our amazing team

Nowadays we’re fortunate to have 30 awesome franchises throughout the country. Some are bakeshops, some are boutique kiosks, while others are currently only offering same-day delivery. 

We noticed, once we started franchising, that the vast majority of these bakeshops and kiosks were run by women: in Arizona, we have the awesome Ellie and Veronika, in California, we have Alesia and Lauren, our Idaho location is run by Shelly, our Massachusetts ones are run by Bruno and his incredible wife, Laura. We also have one of our great founders, Pooja, running our New York locations, Melanie in Oklahoma, Sarah in Tennessee, Kelly in Texas, and the list goes on. Tal, one of our founders and first CEO, is a woman, wife, and mother of 2 (soon 3 ❤️), as well.

Back of a red-haired woman at a Woops! bakeshop giving a macaron workshop

Diversity is a big part of our identity

We’re a gifting company that’s always looking to understand all of the advantages that represent having a diverse group of people. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman of Q1 Group of Companies, expressed in one of his articles for the World Economic Forum that “the coming together of people of different ethnicities and genders with different experiences in cities and societies is a key driver of innovation”. You can read the full article here.

So, besides having a group of people that’s mostly made up of incredible women, we’re also diverse nationalities-wise: Tal is from Israel, Shahnoza, from our Wisconsin location, is from Uzbekistan, Alexandra from Woops! Cherry Hill is from France, and Swathi, Shivani, and Sapana from our different New Jersey locations are from India, to mention some.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our awesome Woops! women are in different phases of their lives: some are moms while others are as young as 21, they have different professional backgrounds where some come from the corporate world and others decided to become entrepreneurs after years of being retired from the working scene, and so much more.

Being based in one of the most diverse countries of the world makes it possible for us to have such a complex, unique, and fantastically diverse team. What has this meant for us? Having a better customer appreciation, retention, and referral and the inclusion of multicultural holidays between our collections such as Holi, Passover, and Lunar New Year.

6 women smiling at a Woops! event and holding the middle woman’s big, purple skirt

Why gift Woops!?

We’ve understood that there’s no better time than now to cherish the great diversity we have in both our customer and employee base. Providing everyone with the possibility of giving gifts that really represent our globalized world plus diversity is what we daily strive for.

Woops! isn’t only about gifting delicious macarons in premium packaging, but about delivering an extra message within our sweets: the importance of women and diversity in today’s world.

Want to express something through a gorgeous present? You could let our gifting specialists, who are all diverse in their own way, tell you all of the benefits of gifting Woops! macarons. Customers’ and employee’s appreciation and retention? Check!

Two women at a Woops! event with a large pyramid blurred on the back
And we love it all so much…

Gorgeous, fantastic, empowered, and admirable women are our main engine. We love being a company that’s made up of more than 90% of women of different ages, cultural and professional backgrounds, nationalities, and more. We also adore our customers who are mostly women from different backgrounds as well.

So here’s to all of the females out there: here’s to you today and every single day! We’ll always celebrate your strength, your beauty, your dedication, your diversity,  and all that you are.

P.S: And why not add sweetness to this womanhood celebration through colorful, gorgeous, and premium macarons from our incredible Women’s Day Collection? Check it out now!

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