Meet Our B2B Team & Learn From Their Experiences

Let us help you make your gifting dreams come true.

Our B2B team is full of amazing people who are experts at making everyone’s corporate gift ideas and dreams possible. This time around we wanted to dedicate an entire blog to their thoughts, experiences, and opinions so you can all get to know them a little bit better.

We asked questions, they answered, and we’ve compiled them here for you!

A smiling man in a red sweater is holding 3 assorted French macarons in one hand.

Who makes a part of our B2B team?

Meet Mr. Benjamin Woodrufff, one of our co-CEOs. He always likes to make people feel welcome, which is an essential virtue in a leader. He’s a lively person who constantly has a smile on his face & one thing that keeps him in a good mood is having his teammates and partners as best friends.

Marc Cole—our Senior VIP & B2B Corporate Gifting Specialist—and Tim Hassler—Senior Sales Development Representative—will make you want to give gifts at every single opportunity! Let them entice and stun you with the best corporate gifting options that will delight and dazzle all your employees, customers, partners, and recipients.

Antonieta Gutiérrez—B2B Sales Account Executive—is the person who’s always going to make sure that your gifting journey with us is as impressive, easy, and satisfactory as it can be. If you ever have any questions about your process, she’ll be your person.

Several French macaron favor boxes of 2 are being put inside a white box.

“What are your most inspiring customer stories?”

Ben: We had a very large order that went out to a credit card processing company over the holidays for their clients and customers, the order was placed at the very last minute. All boxes arrived right on time, in perfect conditions, and without any delays or inconveniences. We felt like the heroes of the world!

Tim: One of my clients had been sending the same gift every year for over 15 years and never received a response from anyone. He decided to switch things up by sending our French macarons. One of his non-responsive customers took them home and enjoyed them with his wife. They loved them so much he sent a handwritten letter to my client thanking him for the wonderful gift. Within the next few weeks, that client had sent him multiple referrals.

Antonieta: A client sent a couple of gifts to her coworkers on Mother’s Day. Turns out the client received very good feedback and a wonderful review from one of the mothers. It’s always inspiring the huge impact a gift can have on people and how they feel loved and cared for.

Marc: One customer came to us looking for premium gifts to WOW and retain their VIP clients. We delivered over 200 macaron boxes which resulted in very high retention of their VIP customers.

An opened box full of assorted French macarons is surrounded by customized French macaron boxes.
“How do you help your customers’ businesses succeed and grow?”

Ben: Our gifts are most often a great reminder of why the recipient does business with the sender. This will frequently encourage future purchases as well.

Tim: Time is everything to me and an incredibly valuable resource in business. I make sure to respond to every phone call, email, and text immediately while making the entire gifting experience as easy as possible for every single one of our customers. Less time spent worrying about gifts is more time my clients can spend growing their business. 

Antonieta: Making every step of their orders easier and assuring a high-quality service at all times can make them stay top of mind and build better and closer relationships with their clients and employees through our corporate gifts.

Marc: Asking the right questions to understand their business helps me recommend the perfect product for the fastest ROI. This will help our customers increase client and employee retention and acquisition.

A French macaron box is surrounded by a tray full of assorted French macarons, a golden ribbon, and a customized greeting card and sleeve.
“What do you love most about your customers?”

Ben: We love the great loyalty of our customers who continue to purchase year after year. in addition, they always push us to create newer and more exciting gifts each year… we’re always being challenged into being better and better as time goes by.

Tim: They’re always so excited to send French macarons to their recipients. This makes working with them and on their orders more fun and inspiring.

Antonieta: I really love witnessing how happy and excited they are to either send or receive our French macarons and corporate gifts. Making a part of their excitement makes the whole sales experience so much more fun and memorable.

Marc: I love hearing the stories of how they felt after receiving our unique French macaron gift boxes, our employee appreciation gifts, corporate gift ideas, and more!

A woman in a red jacket is crossing the street while holding a French macaron box in one hand and a Woops! French macarons bag on the other.
“What do you think differentiates our customers from any others?”

Ben: Their curiosity and interest in our customized boxes and French macarons (it’s even more delightful to witness their wonder when it’s their first time trying out sweets). Their desire for beautiful packaging & bright colors in everything—both in our delicious macarons and the boxes that they come in. They’re more often than not blown away by our gifts, and I always enjoy witnessing that a lot.

Tim: They see beyond the typical branded novelty items and want to send a truly unique corporate gift that is full of sensory experiences. They’re interested in gifts that their recipients will love and always remember. They also understand that memories and nostalgia have more staying power than any physical item.

Antonieta: They’re curious. They don’t want to send the typical box of chocolate, they’re interested in exploring new premium, luxurious, beautiful, and memorable gifting options… and that’s why they come to us. 😉

An opened box full of assorted French macarons has a French macaron box with a Thank You sleeve to its left.

We’re excited to be able to encounter so many amazing people who are interested in building, maintaining, and strengthening their relationships with their customers and clients through memorable, thoughtful, and premium presents.

We can also help you reinforce everyone’s value in your company with our incredible customer appreciation gifts and assist you in standing out from the competition with nothing but the best. And yes, our gifts will keep everyone thinking of you.

Numerous French macaron boxes—some with customized sleeves—are standing one beside the other.

We know we’ve mentioned it before, but the awesome benefits that truly great corporate gifts have are immense! Become a part of the cool and thoughtful corporate gifters group and get in touch with us, our B2B team members are waiting to make all your gifting wishes come to life.

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