Another Woops! Star Product: Argentinian Alfajores!

There’s nothing you won’t love about them.

We all love and appreciate a good-cookie moment, don’t we? If you’re like us—always on the lookout for new and awesome treats to have a taste of—then we’re doubly excited to present you our authentic Argentinian alfajores!

Besides being oh so delicious, these spectacular goodies have a rich and very interesting cultural heritage. Never again ask yourself “where can I get South American pastries near me” and read on to learn more about our newest family members, plus all the extra reasons why you should give them a try.

A plate full of assorted alfajores has a French macaron box behind it and a vase with flowers to the left. A park serves as the background.

First of all, what are alfajores?

We’re aware that not everyone knows what alfajores are since they’re not that common in the U.S. Before we continue, let’s learn to pronounce their name: al·fa·ho·res. The J in Spanish sounds like an H in English. 😋

Alfajores are a delicious and typically South American dessert that’s mostly consumed in Argentina, a country at the southern tip of the continent. They’re made with buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies and creamy delicious dulce de leche sandwiched between them. They’re also sometimes coated in dark or white chocolate.

They are, according to the Washington Post, the “ultimate sandwich cookie!”. There are many restaurants that are beginning to include these goodies in their menus because everyone loves them at first bite… and we’re not lagging behind, of course.

A plate with 4 Classic Dulce de Leche alfajores has two teacups—one is being served—and two French macarons to the left.

Their history is so interesting

Even though they’re widely known as an Argentinian dessert, alfajores have their roots tied to the East. They made their way to the West with the Moorish Invasion in Spain which then took them to the Americas during the Conquest Era.

History suggests that alfajores started as long, thin cylinders made with ground almonds (we’re being reminded of delicious French macaron shells here) and filled with an almond-based cream. Once they reached South America, they started changing and spreading throughout the continent until they became the cookie we know today.

Nowadays alfajores are primarily found in Argentina, where you can find them in hundreds of different delicious variations.

Two boxes full of assorted alfajores are surrounded by French macaron boxes with Holiday sleeves and paper leaves.

Our alfajores!

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s talk about the most exciting part of this blog: our authentic, delicious, and mouthwatering alfajores! Come meet them.

We researched, tried, and traveled to be able to come up with the BEST and most authentic alfajores recipe that this country has ever witnessed (yes, we’re as passionate about them as we are with our French macarons 😍).

A transparent plate full of assorted Dulce de Leche alfajores is surrounded by some purple flowers and a charcuterie board.

Feel in Argentina with us

Blast that tango, grab a mate, and get ready to have a bite of these delicious cookies that are made with love and dedication.

Our spectacular alfajores come in 3 delicious presentations: our Classic Dulce de Leche goodies have shredded coconut covering them and our Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate treats are perfectly coated in deliciously creamy chocolate.

A box full of numerous assorted alfajores has a French macaron box below and several assorted alfajores lying around.

Our boxes

You can get your goodies in 3 different box sizes. Our Melt-In-Your-Mouth Alfajores Box comes with 60 goodies in assorted flavors and it’s perfect to sweeten up any celebration!

The Creamy Delicious Alfajores Box has 24 fantastic pastries in assorted flavors and it’s awesome for a friend’s get-together, yes they will ALL love them.

Last but not least, the Sweet Alfajores Box comes with 12 mouthwatering treats that you can enjoy with your loved one, your Mom, or 3 friends (and no more)… because 1 is never enough, you’ve been warned.

A stack of 3 French macaron and alfajores boxes is surrounded by assorted macarons and alfajores.


You can also get them stacked with boxes full of our delectable French macarons!

The Perfect Duo Stack comes with a box of 18 assorted macarons plus a box of 12 lusciously assorted alfajores.

Get delighted with our Authentically Yummy Stack as well, this beauty has a box of 3 and 18 French macarons plus a box of 12 alfajores with assorted flavors. Seriously, what could be better than this?

A smiling woman is holding a box of French macarons in one hand and a Woops! Bag in the other while crossing the street.

Make any moment and celebration with your loved ones so much more spectacular and special with our scrumptious alfajores that are loved by all… even by the ones who’ve never heard of them before, trust us on this. 😉

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