Get jolly and merry with our Holiday Collection

Perfect boxes and sweets for the jolliest season!

First of all, we have to admit that we’re absolute holiday lovers here. All things holiday-related, we’re here for it: hats, costumes, decorations, carols, snow, and most of all, holiday-ish macarons (and holiday gift ideas ).

Time to surprise all your loved ones on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, and throughout the whole season with incredible macaron boxes perfect for all occasions. Come meet our spectacular Holiday Collection!

An opened box of 18 French macarons has a box of French macarons to its left with a Thanksgiving sleeve. They’re both surrounded by paper leaves.

Thanksgiving is for treating

Who said you can’t pamper & spoil yourself and your loved ones on Turkey Day? Time to make the most of this beautiful holiday that’s filled with appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, and most importantly, love.

We have 3 delicious Thanksgiving macaron boxes perfect for adding a sweet touch to your dinner or for impressing your family and friends.

An opened box of 9 French macarons has a box of French macaron with a Thanksgiving sleeve to its side.

Our Turkeyphoria Time Box is our favorite of the 3 with Dark Chocolate, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Tiramisu, Honey Lavender, Vanilla, and Rose flavors, but we’re sooo sure you’ll love our other 2 options as well.

Apart from macaron boxes, you can also get a taste of our mouthwatering alfajores in a Happy Fall Box full of Classic Dulce de Leche, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate Argentinian sweets… and extra luxurious and exotic touch to your celebrations? Who wouldn’t love it!

Several French macaron boxes with holiday sleeves and golden ribbons have a French macaron pyramid to their right. They’re all surrounded by assorted French macarons and holiday ornaments.

For any moment and any time!

Stacks, pyramids, favor boxes, and more! If you want something that will add a luxuriously premium touch to your holidays, then this is it.

From our Merry Christmas Box to our Oh Dear, What a Year Stack, plus cute little Holiday Premium Favor Boxes, be sure that you will never go unnoticed with some (or even just one!) of these beauties in hand.

Yeah, cakes and chocolates are good, but they’re an everyday occurrence don’t you think? On the other hand, some premium holiday French macarons reach a whole new level.

A large French macaron pyramid with assorted flavors is surrounded by paper leaves and small pumpkins.
Our favorites:

If you’ve read some of our other blogs you might have figured out that macaron pyramids… we’re in love with them.

For this special season we have two gorgeous pyramids: the I’m So Thankful Pyramid & the Is This From Santa? Pyramid!

Between them, you’ll experience the sweet flavors of our Pistachio, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Honey Lavender, Tiramisu, Rose, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel Fleur del Sel French macarons! Believe us, no holiday party comes close to what your tastebuds will experience with these beauties.

An opened box of 18 French macarons has a French macaron box with a blue Hanukkah sleeve to its right.
Hanukkah on our minds

For this holiday season we also came up with a gorgeous Happy Hanukkah Tasting Box that’s perfect for adding that sweet, colorful, extra cheerful touch to your dinners. No matter the place or time, one box of holiday macarons will always be able to make anyone feel cared for, special, unique, and loved! And Hanukkah isn’t the exception. 😉

A pair of hands are holding several French macaron favor boxes of 2 with a holiday background.

Let’s get ready for an amazing holiday season with spectacular French macarons & alfajores! Yes, they’re the premium, luxurious, delicious, and colorful sweet touch you were looking for.

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