Make their return to the office memorable with macarons

The sweetest welcome back to the office gifts are here!

A change of scenery isn’t easy, even if you’re coming back to a place you already know… add to it a worldwide pandemic and it’ll be much clearer why going back to the office sounds like “hesitation”.

A recently conducted CRETech survey estimated that by the end of 2021, more than 60% of employees will be back at work, a true sign of how we’re slowly coming back to the old ways.

A smiling woman and men stand behind a Woops! counter. They’re surrounded by French macaron boxes and bakeshop items.

For the old ones & the new ones

For some people, it’ll be the first time they’ve stepped foot in the office since being hired because we’ve all been working remotely for at least a year now and maybe you haven’t had the chance to properly welcome them to the team.

And don’t forget about your long-term employees, those amazing people that have stuck with you through one of the toughest periods in recent history.

They might be eager to go back to the office and what better opportunity to show some appreciation for all that they’ve endured than some memorable, premium, and beautiful (macarons) gift… that can be customized?

A yellow background features a Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors, a “Thank you” sleeve with a golden ribbon, a white plate filled with French macarons, and several flowers at the bottom.
Why welcome back gifts?

Welcome back to the office gifts for your team can help delight your new & old employees while improving your company’s culture, make them feel appreciated, and strengthen the relationship between both parties.

Plus, who wouldn’t love some of the finest French macarons on this side of the pond on their first day back?

A light pink background features several customized Woops! Boxes. Two of them are opened and filled with French macarons with assorted flavors.

We might be biased…

But more than 8 years in the corporate gifting industry have taught us that sending a message of true appreciation, gratitude, and esteem through gifts goes a long way, and so much more if they’re personalized.

Customized macarons & boxes show that you thought this through, plus it makes your gift more authentic and unique, and it’s a premium and spectacular way to show your whole team that you’re really glad to have them back.

Personalize your boxes and your goodies however you want to: with your company’s printed logo, a sweet message, or an image. Whatever you’re imagining, we can help you make it come true.

A light pink background features several colored plates filled with assorted French macarons. Some glasses filled with juice and some cups of coffee are lying around.
Now the best part:

Our delicious gifting catalog! Believe us when we say there’s nothing better and more premium than giving French macarons.

We’re proud to say that every ingredient that we use for our sweets is handpicked and world-class, from the highest-quality French chocolate (Valrhona!) to Swiss berries and pure Italian Nutella. This means that we also have a wide variety of flavors where you can choose from.

One idea that will always be a winner and will add an extra touch of uniqueness to your gift is to find a way to know your employees’ favorite flavors and include them in their box, they’ll be stunned.

A smiling woman stands behind a white windowsill, she’s holding a small French macaron pyramid, and in front of her are several French macaron pyramids with assorted flavors.
Besides macaron boxes

You can also get custom favor boxes, macaron stacks, gifting accessories such as ribbons and sticker assemblies, customized greeting cards, and the ultimate stunners: macaron pyramids (perfect as table centerpieces at a welcome back party)!

4 smiling men and a woman are looking at each other while sitting outside of a Woops! Bakeshop.

To welcome back your employees should be a great & positive experience where everyone can come back together to collaborate and build stronger relationships.

Remember that our dedicated gifting team can help you choose the right French macarons, boxes, sleeves, cards, and aid in everything design and shipping-related.

Get in touch with us and let us help you make your efforts truly appreciative and make your employees feel valued.

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