Beat the Heat: Best Summer Corporate Gift Ideas for Customers & Employees

Check out a variety of gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Summer is a season of sunshine, relaxation, and appreciation. It’s also the perfect time to show your customers and employees how much you value them with thoughtful summer corporate gifts—summer lull? Nah! Still, with so many options available, choosing the right gift can be overwhelming. 

But worry not! This blog explores a variety of creative summer corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression.


Orange, blue, and light pink steel water bottles.

Photo by quokkabottles on Unsplash.

Gifts for Leisure and Fun

Beat the Heat Essentials: Hydration is key in the summer! Branded tumblers, water bottles, or even portable coolers make practical and appreciated gifts. Consider adding sunscreen or a cooling towel for a complete “beat the heat” package. These are excellent summer corporate gift ideas for employees who are always on the go.

Outdoor Adventure Packs: For the active bunch, curate a selection of summer essentials like frisbees, beach towels, portable speakers, or picnic blankets. Include your company’s logo for a reminder of your thoughtfulness. As we always say, adding that touch of “I thought this through” to your gifts goes a long way.


Gifts for Relaxation and Wellness

Self-Care Essentials: Summer is a great time to unwind and recharge! A spa gift basket filled with bath bombs, lotions, and essential oils is a spectacular and luxurious way to show your employees and clients you care about their well-being.

Subscription Boxes: Subscription boxes offer a curated selection of goodies delivered directly to your customers’ or employees’ doorsteps. Consider options like gourmet snacks, coffee, or beauty products, all themed around summer relaxation.


A Woops! Macaron box surrounded by assorted macarons

The Sweetest & Most Premium Gift!

Woops! Summer Collection Macaron Boxes: Our delightful boxes full of beautifully crafted French macarons in vibrant summer flavors are a truly unique and delicious way to say “thank you.” Explore a variety of flavors and customize your gift boxes with your company logo for a memorable summer corporate gift. They’re perfect for client appreciation or celebrating a team milestone!


A Gift for the Homebodies

Comfy Essentials: Help your employees create a cozy summer haven with a branded throw blanket, a set of aromatherapy candles, or—why not?—a subscription to a cool streaming service featuring some of the summer’s hit shows.


A box full of macarons is surrounded by macaron boxes with custom sleeves.

Pro Tip: Personalize It!

Always remember: Adding a personal touch to your summer corporate gifts shows extra thoughtfulness. Include a handwritten note thanking your recipient for their business or contribution—yes, a note is as important as the gift itself.


Two female hands are tying a golden ribbon on a purple Woops! Macaron box. Lying around is another box full of macarons and assorted macarons.


Budget: Set a realistic budget for your summer corporate gifts. 

Target Audience: Consider who you’re gifting to. Tailoring your gift selection to their interests ensures a more meaningful experience! Don’t gift blindly, believe us, they’ll notice if you do. 

Company Branding: Subtly incorporate your company logo or branding elements into the gift or packaging for a lasting impression! Your company should always be kept in mind when enjoying these gifts.


A macaron box with a Thank You sleeve is surrounded by office essentials.

Strengthen relationships with your customers and employees, boost morale, and create lasting memories with thoughtful and engaging summer corporate gifts! Whether you opt for our spectacular Summer Collection macaron boxes or go for personalized gift baskets, remember to put your company’s unique touch on it. 

After all, the best summer corporate gifts go beyond the season; they leave a positive and lasting impression. If you wish to gift spectacular French macarons, contact us and get ready to impress all your customers, prospecting customers, and employees during the year’s sunniest season.

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