All About Customization With Woops!

Time to create unforgettable gifts.

We’ve talked about the huge importance of customization in our Nothing Says Thoughtful Like Personalization blog (go check it out!). However, we’re still going to briefly mention some of the most important benefits of customizing your macaron and alfajores boxes.

  • You’ll build brand recognition.
  • Strengthen everyone’s relationship with your company.
  • More driven & determined employees that know you’re making an effort to make them feel important and valued.
  • Better coworkers and teammates.
  • Loyal clients.
  • Make your gifts thoughtful and get better chances of repeat business.

4 stacked French macaron boxes with customized sleeves are surrounded by assorted French macarons

Here’s how to do it with us!

Gifting is all about building caring relationships and it shouldn’t feel like a complicated task… ever.

That’s why we want to make it all easier for you from the very beginning:

  1. We’ll help you determine what product answers your wishes & budget.
  2. We’ll work with you to create the perfect sleeve & greeting card designs!
  3. Lots of recipients? No worries. We have a simple process where you can enter all of them into our system so your gifts can be shipped with no mistakes.
  4. That’s all. 🙂

A plate full of assorted alfajores has a box full of assorted alfajores to one side and a French macaron box behind.

1. We’ll help you determine what product answers best to your wishes & budget

Our amazing gifting specialists will always work hard to make your dream corporate gifts come true or to find the ones within our collections that perfectly match your wishes.

Whether you’re thinking of favor boxes for an event, custom macaron boxes for a special holiday, just because gifts, or simply want to dazzle everyone with macaron and alfajores stacks and pyramids at your office party, we can make it all happen for you.

Remember you’re our #1 priority and we’ll always be on top of everything so all goes as planned.

An opened box of 9 French macarons with a branded sleeve, a clock, and a plant on the background

2. Create the perfect sleeve & greeting card designs!

Build brand recognition and strengthen your recipient’s relationship with your company through beautiful, customized macaron boxes. You can design them yourself or we can work hand in hand to make the perfect ones for you!

We always recommend including greeting cards with personalized messages for each recipient whenever it’s possible… and yes, they’re as important as the gift itself.

Greeting cards are what will complement your gifts by making them more personal, unique, and thoughtful. You can also design your own from start to finish or choose one from our collection.

And of course, you can select the macaron colors and flavors for each box. If you know your recipient’s favorite macarons, give them a gift full of only the ones they love. It’ll scream “I want to make you happy!”.

A tray with assorted French macarons is surrounded by a French macaron box, a customized sleeve, a customized greeting card, and a golden ribbon.

3. Lots of Recipients? No worries

We have a simplified ordering process, great industry-leading account service support, awesome shipping service, and more! Plus, we’ll handle ALL the logistics: customization, packaging, delivery dates, and everything in between.

We also have a very flexible warehouse space so you can always trust us with your brand. Let us be your go-to place for any gifting need—at any time and for whatever quantity you might need. From a single to a thousand memorable & premium gift deliveries, let us keep your branded packaging ready to go whenever you want it to.

A box full of assorted French macarons is surrounded by French macaron boxes with customized sleeves.

Our Promise to You

What’s most important for us is to keep you happy, which is why we’ll always maintain our quick response time & high level of service so you’re always up to date and can go back to what you do best.

We want you to know that we deeply care & that you’re our #1 priority, which is why we feel that the service you receive on the front-end when placing your order is linked to the service you expect when the time comes for your gifts to be shipped.

A smiling man is holding a Woops! French macaron box in his hands.

Let us make your gifting journeys easy, fast, and fun! Contact us NOW (read our 5 Reasons to Start Planning Your Holiday Gifts Now blog and don’t let time catch up with you! ), we’ll be waiting for you.

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