Valentine’s Day boxes to express all types of love!

Pamper your loved one with only the best!

Our favorite time of the year is here! Valentine’s Day season is all about red, pink, sweets, hugs, and kisses… and we love, love, LOVE it all. This 2022—like we’ve been doing for several years now—we decided to make a big collection that could suit all types of love, personalities, and tastes! This way everyone would be able to find in our macaron boxes & macaron flavors something stunning, memorable, dazzling, and spectacular that would let their significant others know how immensely loved they are.

Come meet our collection and let us help you find the perfect one that you didn’t know you needed. 😉

An opened box of 9 assorted French macarons has a box of 9 French macarons with a Valentine’s Day sleeve to its left. At the bottom are 2 red roses and some rose petals are lying around.

Our irresistible collection

We love to create collections that can appeal and be liked by anyone—our Valentine’s Day Collection is not the exception, of course. This year we have 6 delightful sleeves to complement our 10 mouthwatering macaron boxes and chill out because you can decide how your beautiful gift will look on the outside.

Our stunning macaron box sleeves were made with so much love, dedication, and patience so you would fall head over heels with them! You can choose your favorite one according to what matches your feelings and love at the moment: some will get a laugh out of you, others are more clean and sober, there’s even one that looks like a beautiful abstract painting (Kandinsky would be proud), and more! What we want is for you to feel that your macaron box was specially designed for you.

Now get to know our collection and let us tempt you into getting them all.

A hand is holding a box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors in front of a lighted restaurant.
In search of new adventures?

We might not be offering you a trip to the top of the Himalayas here, but we’re offering you a macaron-y flavorful trip full of new sensations for your loved one’s tastebuds! If your lover loves to have a taste of new and different things, then our Valentine’s Day Tasting Box is what you should give him or her.

This gorgeous box comes full of all our exquisite classic & seasonal flavors, an incredible voyage of new sensations that you can share together!

A hand is holding a box of 18 French macarons with a Valentine’s Day sleeve in front of a porch.

Beginning a new romantic… something?

The thrill of getting to know someone new is something everyone loves; the butterflies in your stomach, the chills, and nerves of getting to see them again, is exciting and even electrifying. And if you’re not ready for the big “I love you” yet, no worries! Our macaron boxes will express your heart’s feelings in the best way possible.

Celebrate your newfound love with a spectacular Cupid’s Arrow box full of Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Nutella, and Rose French macarons, or with a luscious Creamy Affair box full of Nutella, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Strawberry, and Rose scrumptious macaron flavors. You can also add some fruity, creamy, and sweet flavors to your day with a romantic Bow & Arrow box filled with Red Velvet, Blueberry Cheesecake, Rose, Strawberry, Honey Lavender, and Pink Champagne macarons.

Believe us, with some macaron boxes you’ll make that special someone fall in love with you (or almost fall in love with you 😉).

An opened box of 9 French macarons with assorted flavors has a box of 9 French macarons with a Valentine’s Day sleeve to its left. Surrounding them are some French macarons, alfajores, and paper hearts.
Add fire to that love!

It’s always okay to add some excitement to your relationship and rekindle that fire whenever you can. This Valentine’s Day go for something truly special, thoughtful, luxuriously delicious, and extraordinary! And no, the same chocolate boxes, cupcakes, and flowers from last year won’t do the work for you.

3 opened French macaron boxes with assorted flavors are surrounded by French macaron boxes with Valentine’s Day sleeves, rose petals, and red roses.

Your better half will surely be stunned with a spectacular Aromatically in Love box full of Honey Lavender, Rose, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cookies & Cream macaron flavors, a swoon-worthy I Love You So Much box filled with Tiramisu, Rose, Dark Chocolate, Pink Champagne, and Caramel Fleur de Sel flavors, or a mouthwatering Berry in Love box full of Vanilla, Pink Champagne, Caramel Fleur de Sel, and Strawberry French macarons!

Passionate kisses and gasps of delight guaranteed! Mwak.

A stack of 2 French macaron boxes with Valentine’s Day sleeves is surrounded by French macarons, alfajores, and paper hearts.
Let’s go above and beyond

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go all-out… and no worries because all-outing is what we’re all about. Show the height of your love with something as mac-nificent and as delicious as it is: French macaron stacks! This year we’ve got two gorgeous stacks that will make your lover’s heart fire up in delight. 

A stack made up of 2 French macaron boxes is surrounded by French macarons and paper hearts.

Our So In Love With You stack is made up of two stunning boxes filled with assorted macaron flavors and exotic alfajores and our You Mac Me Crazy stack has two boxes full of assorted & deliciously creamy macarons. Be sure that with any of these two beauties you’ll be the king or queen of this Valentine’s Day.

A hand is holding a box of 9 French macarons in front of a closed door.

Can’t spend Valentine’s with your loved one? Order macarons online & send them!

Yes, we know that spending official love day far from your significant other isn’t the best thing out there, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this opportunity to celebrate one of the year’s most important days pampering your Valentine.

If you want to stun your lover send her or him boxes from our Valentine’s Day Collection! All our French macarons are delivered via one or two-day shipping service in order to provide everyone with the freshest sweets, plus they’re placed between protective clamshells that are chilled in special packagings all throughout the journey.

Two smiling women are hugging while holding French macarons in their hands.
And who said Valentine’s is only for lovers?

Spoil your BFF, your mom, more-like-sister cousin, that awesome neighbor who takes care of your cat, or even your coworkers by sending them some spectacular Valentine’s boxes! Order your macarons online and we’ll get them delivered in pristine conditions always. Time to make the most of this love season by showing your love to all those who have been by your side every step of the way.

Several opened boxes are full of assorted French macarons, some French macaron boxes have Valentine’s Day sleeves, and lying around are some French macarons and paper hearts

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day as deliciously unforgettable as it can be! And stun your darling with the best French macarons on this side of the pond.

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