Do’s & Don’ts of Holiday Corporate Gifting

The best 2022 holiday gifting guide.

There’s always a lot of anticipation and expectation when it comes to holiday celebrations & gifting in the workplace environment. We’re sure that most of us have had to open a gift that consists of a branded pen or mug, or even some cliché Simpsons x Christmas socks, and have to fake that we love it. It’s not fun, we know.

What we want is to make your Holiday gifting easy, unforgettable, premium, effortless, and fun! Showing your gratitude & appreciation to your employees and customers should never feel like a tiring or stressful task. Remember that good corporate gifts will help you boost everyone’s morale, improve loyalty and retention, get repeat business, and will make everyone happy with you and your company (which is what’s most important).

Still, there are some important guidelines to be followed when it comes to giving good holiday corporate gifts, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. Read on and take notes!

A tray full of 9 assorted French macarons has two French macaron boxes above. One of the boxes has a customized sleeve and a golden ribbon.

Do Customize

Get your corporate gifts customized and you’ll be instantly telling all your employees “I really thought this through”, “you’re important”, “recognizing your effort adds to this company’s success”, and so much more. Coming up with something truly unique, premium, and thoughtful is what’s most important when choosing the right gift (Psst! Our incredible holiday macaron boxes are more than perfect if you want to achieve this).

Always remember that recognizing your employees doesn’t necessarily mean a 5% bonus… believe us when we say that some thoughtful holiday gifts work many more wonders.

Some of the most wonderful advantages of customization:

  • You’ll build brand recognition.
  • Strengthen everyone’s relationship with your company.
  • More driven & determined employees that know you’re making an effort to make them feel important and valued.
  • Loyal clients.

4 French macaron boxes are surrounded by pinecones and holiday ornaments.

Do Create a Budget

One of the most important aspects of holiday gifting is creating a budget for spending. Set your own limits and keep it reasonable, not too much but not too little. Remember that you want to make your employees & customers feel happy & appreciated during the holidays. Still, overspending might lead to financial stress and hardships later on in the road.

Got a very special customer or employee and want to go above & beyond with your Holiday gifts? Read our Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas: When & Why Use Them blog.

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Do Give Early or Later On

It’s best to send out your gift during Thanksgiving so that the “thankful” message comes across much more clearly. It’s also better to send out your gifts a little earlier than everyone else so you can avoid the holiday gift clutter. This will help them stand out much more without having others taking the spotlight from it.

Another great idea is to send New Year gifts! They’re as good as holiday gifts, but more unique & memorable since they’re not that common. With them, you’ll make your employees & customers think of you while welcoming a prosperous 2023 by your side (of course).

A box full of assorted French macarons is surrounded by trays with assorted French macarons, French macaron boxes, and golden ribbons.

Don’t Leave Anyone Out

When it comes to employee gifting, leaving someone out is a huge “no”. Make sure that your entire team is happy and excited about receiving your Holiday gifts and that no one feels isolated. From top to bottom, make sure that everyone is reminded of how much you appreciate their work and that you wish them the jolliest holidays!

A smiling woman in a red dress is holding a box of French macarons in one hand and a macaron in the other.

Don’t Exclude Yourself From the Holiday Celebrations & Gifting Fun

If you’re thinking of giving your gifts during a holiday celebration at the office, getting involved is an excellent way to build stronger bonds between you and your team (you can also include some spectacular holiday macaron pyramids to add an extra dazzling touch to the day!).

Throw away your Grinch feelings and embrace the holiday spirit alongside your employees and teammates. Believe us, it’s so worth it!

A box with assorted French macarons has a Holiday greeting card to its left. At the top, left corner are two French macarons.

Don’t Use Scanned Signatures

Include a customized gift card with thoughtful messages and your handwritten signature. You may ask your HR team to help you out if there are way too many employees & customers, or write a general message but be sure to sign them yourself so they’re more personal.

A smiling man is holding a purple French macaron box with a golden ribbon.

Time to get ready for the jolliest season with spectacular holiday celebrations, gifts, and holiday macarons. If you need help deciding which gifts to give, how to send them, what to do, and so on, worry no more! We’re always here to help you out. Get in touch with us and our gifting experts will be right there to lend a helping hand.

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