Woops! Holiday Corporate Gifting

Start planning your corporate gifts for the jolliest season of the year.

Make spirits bright this holiday season with our spectacular corporate gifts! We’re delighted to present you with our stunning 2021 Woops! Holiday Catalog full of dazzling macaron boxes specially designed for your hardworking employees and clients.

One thing that’s important to remember—more so during the holiday season—is that business is about relationships, and gift-giving is all about nurturing those relationships that are very important to you.

A box filled with French macarons with assorted flavors has a blue Hanukkah sleeve to its right and some candles below.

Through your holiday gifts, you’re not only saying “thank you”, but you’ll also be expressing the values and link between the sender (your company) and the recipient (your clients & employees).

How can you accomplish this? Read on to find out.

A box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors has a cream-colored Holiday sleeve to its right and is surrounded by several Christmas decorations.
Woops! for the season

Truly thoughtful and meaningful gifts go a long way in letting your customers and team know they mean more than a business relation. They can express that you’re listening, that you’re attentive and respectful of the connection you share with your clients and employees, and that you’re grateful for having them as a part of your company. What you will get in return is their loyalty and their repeat business.

Why not bid 2021 goodbye and pamper them with something extra spectacular, delicious, memorable, premium, and thoughtful? Explore our Holiday Catalog that’s full of exquisite macaron boxes—that can be designed according to your brand and taste— filled with the finest and most luxurious sweets.

A plastic tray is filled with 9 French macarons and surrounded by a Woops! customized sleeve, a purple French macaron box, and a golden ribbon

Create your own personalized gift!

We can help you create unique, customized gifts that will always dazzle your recipients. With us, you’ll be able to choose your favorite French macaron flavors and colors and personalize your sleeves according to your company’s brand and style, or you can also choose from our collection of beautiful holiday sleeves.

An olive green background features 4 Woops! Holiday greeting cards.

The cherry on top? Add a lovely greeting card that can be tailored to your preferences plus a perfect touch of gold with a gorgeous golden ribbon. There’s nothing your customers and employees won’t love about this gift.

A box of 9 French macarons is filled with Rose, Pistachio, and Caramel Fleur de Sel flavors. To its left is a box with a Diwali sleeve and a golden ribbon surrounded by some candles and colorful figures.

Diwali in our minds

We’ll also be celebrating Diwali at Woops! The perfect way to complement your diyas light and bright patakhe fireworks are with deliciously colorful macaron boxes.

Our gorgeous Diwali Collection consists of 3 dazzling boxes full of flavor and luxury, good times, and happiness. Get exploring and order yours now!

Two Woops! Boxes filled with assorted alfajores are surrounded by French macaron boxes and paper leaves.


Apart from exquisite French macaron boxes, you can also give exotic & luxurious alfajores on these holidays, perfect for adding an extra touch of “wow!” to your gifts. We’ve got 3 flavors that will be loved by all: Classic Dulce de Leche, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.

3 Holiday French macarons boxes with golden ribbons have a medium French macaron pyramid with Red Velvet, Pistachio, and Vanilla flavors to their right and are being surrounded by French macarons and Christmas decorations.

Stacks, pyramids, and favor boxes as well

To make it all better, you can also get holiday-ish stacks full of alfajores and macarons, toweringly stunning French macaron pyramids perfect for an office party, and favor boxes of 2 and 3 macarons… the most delicious forget-me-nots.

A box of 18 French macarons with Pistachio, Vanilla, and Red Velvet flavors has a French macaron box with a Holiday sleeve to its left and is surrounded by bits of pine tree branches

To top it all, we offer a 100% complete white-glove service, just give us your recipient’s addresses or the place where you want your gifts to be delivered, and we’ll do it for you.

A box of 18 French macarons with assorted flavors has a blue customized sleeve with a golden ribbon to its right and a customized greeting card below

A successful holiday corporate gifting case

We worked with GoParrot, a company that specializes in providing premium digital ordering & marketing platforms for restaurants, to help them keep their customers engaged & excited about working with them.

For this reason, we created a custom holiday box of 18 macarons branded with a GoParrot sleeve and a personalized holiday greeting card, plus a book for New Year 2021. The reactions were amazing!

Yaniv, their CEO, said that “we got an excellent and professional service from the Woops! team and our customers, partners, and employees loved the macarons. We got so many positive responses and thank you emails. We highly recommend working with them!”.

You can read more about this triumphant case in our GoParrot x Woops!: A successful corporate gifting story blog.

A box of French macarons has a Holiday greeting card and two French macarons to its left.

Get in touch with us now and let’s start prepping everything together to make these holidays unforgettable, premium, and stunning for all your employees and clients. Time to go above and beyond, you know they deserve it.

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