Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas: When & Why Use Them

The best way to truly dazzle all your recipients.

Interact and show appreciation to your employees, customers, prospecting clients, and partners. Build, maintain, and strengthen relationships. Stand out from the competition and reinforce everyone’s value in your company. These are some fantastic corporate gifting benefits we’ve gone over… but what about luxury corporate gifts?

When you want to stand above all others, these luxurious presents will always make for a great option. If you’re wondering “how much am I supposed to spend on these gifts?”, “who should I send these to?”, “how can I know if a gift is luxurious or not?”, worry no more ‘cause in this blog we’re going to break down the most important aspects that luxurious gifts

How do you know if a gift is truly luxurious? When it indisputably grabs everyone’s attention and stands out from all the other gifts.

A box full of French macarons is surrounded by French macaron boxes with customized sleeves.

Why use them?

Imagine something like this: the holidays are here and during the last year you had an AWESOME revenue thanks to one very special client. The time to renew that contract or the time to look for new ways to retain that customer is coming.

How can you remind them that you’re very interested in working with them while still letting them know how important they are to you? We know you know the answer. 😉

One great option is corporate gifting, of course. They also allow businesses to attract and keep their customers and employees. They’re kind of low-pressure since they instill a sense of wanting to return the favor, whether it’s a call, contract renewal, or meeting.

Luxury corporate gifts, on the other hand, are a more powerful and attention-grabbing way to show appreciation, strengthen relationships, reward, congratulate, and stay (noticeably) present in your clients’ & employees’ lives. What’s best about them is that they’ll 100% make you stand out from the crowd!

A box full of assorted French macarons has a French macaron box with a custom sleeve and a customized greeting card to its left.

How much should be spent?

A gift is typically considered luxurious when it costs over $100, but this is very subjective (it’s more important if they’re thoughtful, don’t forget this). You have to first think of the type of employee, customer, or prospect and then decide.

A box full of assorted French macarons has a French macaron box with a Thank You sleeve to its left.

Let us help you out with this…

Ask yourself this when deciding if you should give this person or company a luxury gift.


  • Celebrating many years of work at your company or retirement?
  • Did they excel themselves at an important project?
  • Were they a part of a very, very important project and you want to let them know how much this means to you?


  • How many years have they been working with you & your company?
  • Is it a truly close relationship?
  • Is an important moment coming up? Contract renewal, holidays, upsell opportunities, and so on.
  • Don’t ever forget about gifting policies. Find out what are they at your recipient’s company (applies to all gifting cases).


  • Don’t send luxury gifts too soon.
  • Find out a little bit more about their preferences: hobbies & favorite foods are always a great go-to.
  • What do you want to achieve with this gift?

What you should always ask yourself:

  • Gifting policies! Always find out what they are.
  • How many gifts do you want to give?
  • Make sure your gifts are professional at all times.

Once you’ve settled these questions, plan a good budget and make sure that you find truly awesome corporate gifts that will help you achieve what you’re looking for.

A box full of 9 assorted French macarons is surrounded by French macaron boxes.

Some Outstanding Luxury Gift Ideas

From gorgeous corporate gifts & luxury gift (and macaron) boxes, let us help you out with only the best. Check this out.

A box full of 9 assorted French macarons is surrounded by French macaron boxes with custom sleeves.

Woops! Corporate Gifts

We’re extremely proud to offer all our customers a wide variety of corporate gift options that can be stepped up to make them even better.

All our luxury gifts can be customized to make them more thoughtful and memorable. Apart from incredible macaron boxes, we offer mind-blowing macaron box stacks and eye-catching macaron pyramids that are perfect as centerpieces for luxuriating up any event.

Add some greeting cards with personalized messages to our magnificent gift options and you’ll be the talk of the year!

Remember that when you want to stand out you must go above and beyond, so no, the usual cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates won’t make your gifts unforgettable or luxurious.

Our beautiful, colorful, and mouthwatering macarons are some of the best outside of Paris, made with world-class and hand-picked ingredients, and packaged in delightful boxes that will impress anyone.

Two headphones are in a custom case.

© CairPods

Portable Earphones

are loved and used by (almost) everyone! We really can’t imagine someone not loving a good ol’ pair of earphones. If you want to include your logo somewhere, we recommend customizing the cases they come in.

There are a ton of brands you can choose from, it all depends on your budget: Apple AirPods, Xiaomi, Samsung, and JBL, among others.

An espresso machine with a cup

© Cuisinart

Who doesn’t love coffee?

Besides French macarons, we can think of very few things that are better than coffee. If your client or employee is a coffee lover and is very, very important to you… how does a premium coffee machine sound? Amazing, we know.

This beautiful Cuisinart Coffee Machine specializes in espressos, but there are a ton of other cool coffee recipes that you can make with it! Just imagine anyone’s reaction upon receiving one of these… they’ll always think of you when making their coffee every day.

Several French macaron boxes with customized sleeves are one beside the other.

And there’s so much more!

Get exploring and find the perfect luxurious gift that matches your style, company, and most importantly, your budget. We strongly recommend beginning with a luxury gift that we’ve repeatedly seen that everyone LOVES: our stunning French macaron boxes!

If you want to start sending now, if you only have some ideas floating around your head, or if you want to create a luxury gifting program for VIP clients & employees, contact us now! Our gifting experts will always be waiting for you.

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