Sweeten up your Pride Month with Woops!

Let us be a part of your Pride Month celebration through our delicious & colorful macaron boxes!

Pride Month isn’t only about the parades, the colors, and the celebration of diversity and inclusion. It’s also a time to acknowledge and respect the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community has faced (and still faces) throughout history and to recognize the influence that this amazing group of people has around the world.

You can read some more about this time of recognition and respect right here.

A Woops! Box of 18 French macarons with a Pride sleeve & a golden ribbon is surrounded by trays of macarons and a Pride flag

Our way of being a part of this historical month

Besides being a part of the parades and decorating our bakeshops and webpage with Pride colors, we also came up with a gorgeous Pride Collection!

Remember that besides the parades, festivals, and concerts, there are also many talks & even conferences regarding this month which are great to learn some important social history. From our end, we want everyone to be able to bring some of our colorfully beautiful and delicious boxes to their chosen Pride Month celebration.

One way in which you can add to this incredible month’s commemoration is through sweet flavors. Why not celebrate love with something everyone will LOVE? Surprise all your friends (and your not-friends, too) with colorful macarons and boxes they will undoubtedly enjoy. You’ll be the star of the parade, we promise 😉

We know you want to meet them all

Not to brag about it, but we outdid ourselves with this collection. It screams color, deliciousness… it screams Pride! Skip the usual chocolates and cupcakes and go for something that will tower above all else, something that will catch everyone’s eyes no matter how colorful their surroundings might be… and with a great assortment of succulent and delicious flavors.

It’s a macaron rainbow!

We wish, LOL. No, but really, this box will def create a rainbow of flavor in your mouth. Our Rainbow Box of Macarons is full of fruity, creamy, aromatic, and tart flavors that will make you and anyone smile in sweet delight – plus, it’s soooo colorful!

This succulent box comes full of Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon Tart, Pistachio, Mint Chocolate, and Honey Lavender macarons, yummy we know.

Take the reins of your life… and of your macaron box

We know that there’s nothing better than being able to make your own decisions, not only in life but also in how you decide to sweeten up your days.

Add tons of delicious flavors and colors to your Pride Month celebrations with some of our beautiful Build Your Own LGBTQ+ Boxes! Make it fruity, chocolaty, aromatic, or simply fill it with our brightest and most colorful French macarons to make a mind-blowing and eye-catching box.

No better way to complement your Pride activities than with some delicious goodies in hand.

If you want it all!

Don’t just watch colors everywhere, eat them in macaron shape as well! If you want to have a taste (and a look) of all our spectacularly fantastic classic and seasonal flavors, then this box is the right one for you.

Make your Pride Month extra flavorful and sweetly striking with our Queer Tasting Box full of delicious macarons that all your friends and parade buddies will be dazzled with.

Just imagine yourself entering any Pride Month celebration or activity with one of these stunners in your hands… get prepared for the huge eyes and open mouths.

If you’re not a part of the LGBTQ+ community…

And are wondering if you can be a part of their incredible celebrations, sure you can! Pride Month events welcome allies from outside their community 🙂 Plus, it’s a great way to show support, observe, listen, and be educated firsthand.

So cheer up and encourage your family and friends into educating themselves and being a part of such an important and historical month. And what’s better… you can surprise everyone with the most awesome, authentic, colorful, and delicious goodies around (ofc we’re talking about Woops! French macarons!).

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